Bride-to-be 'hurt' after fiancé admits engagement ring cost just £15

A close-up view of a young woman wearing a white gold wedding ring. [Photo: Getty]
A close-up view of a young woman wearing a white gold wedding ring. [Photo: Getty]

Marriage is traditionally for better and for worse, and for richer and for poorer.

But does an engagement ring costing less than £20 take the biscuit?

So questioned a bride-to-be, who was upset to discover her fiancé had sourced her engagement ring for £15 on Amazon.

The woman described on Reddit how her boyfriend of three years had proposed a few weeks ago and she had agreed to marry him.

Of the ring, she said: “It has a simple design and consists of a thin silver sterling band with a cubic zirconia. It looked pretty and I was happy with it."

But her sentiments took a U-turn after she learnt just how inexpensive the simple ring was – after her boyfriend complained of a friend who proposed to his girlfriend with a ring worth £2,700.

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"He said he can't believe anyone would drop that much cash on a ring and that he thought it was a massive waste of money,” explained the user. "And then he said, 'I got yours off of Amazon for $20 [£15], I'm glad you're not the kind of person who cares about how much a piece of jewellery costs.’”

She describes how she had “tried to laugh it off” but remained “really hurt” – even though she’d never particularly desired an expensive ring.

"I can't quite articulate why this bothers me so much, but it's like...I've never even heard of an engagement ring costing that little,” she added. “I never wanted an expensive ring, but I at least thought it would be something in the couple hundred dollar range, you know?"

And many users seem to agree she should feel disappointed.

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“It certainly sounds like he didn’t put any effort into choosing the ring,” was one comment, while another user wrote, “Personally, I don't buy into spending a ton of cash on a ring, but it doesn't seem like he put ANY thought into it. An engagement ring should have some effort put into selection. If he can make a joke about how little it costs, he didn't spend enough or even try.”

While most were on the user’s side, one suggested the cheap ring might not be that big a deal, writing: “He got you a ring and you like it, and the good news is that should you ever lose it or damage it, it's not a waste or significant loss of money.”