Bride-to-be sparks online debate after complaining about the size of her engagement ring

A bride-to-be complained about the size of her engagement ring online [Photo: Getty]
A bride-to-be complained about the size of her engagement ring online [Photo: Getty]

A bride-to-be was left disappointed when her longtime partner proposed with a small engagement ring.

The anonymous woman shared a photograph of the diamond jewellery via Twitter alongside the caption: “This is the ring he said he saved up to buy me. Am I being shady or materialistic if I tell this mf I don’t want this little a** ring?”

A screenshot of the now-deleted tweet was later shared on Reddit where the topic met mixed reviews with some taking to the post to agree that the ring wasn’t good enough.

“That is the saddest ring I've ever seen,” one commented. “I'm not a materialistic person but it just doesn't even look good. She should talk to him if she's unhappy with it?”

Another agreed, adding: “If this was something he had to save up for, no. They can’t afford a wedding and that’s not a ring I’d be proud to wear.”

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A third also saw the engagement ring as a warning sign when it comes to her partner’s finances.

“Regardless of whether she likes the ring, if they’ve been talking about marriage for three years and this is what he was able to save for (possibility over the course of three years), unless her fiancé is living in poverty,” the social media user wrote.

“It seems like this is a red flag regarding his ability to manage finances and save money, which is a major concern if you’re going to spend a lifetime with someone.”

A photograph of the now-viral ring was later shared via the official ‘Good Morning Britain’ Twitter account where a number of users defended the groom-to-be.

“What an ungrateful woman this is,” one commented. “She should be happy that someone wants to marry her! The diamond maybe small, but then the husband to be has make room in that marriage for her big head, and ego the size of the universe!”

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Another Twitter user added, “Ungrateful Person. Someone has decided to marry you and you are there complaining that the ring is small... The Guy should just take his engagement ring back.”

One reminded us all that love isn’t about the material things in life, as she emphasised: “We couldn’t afford a ring when my husband proposed. We’ve been together 25 years. A ring isn’t necessary!”

Would you say ‘yes’ if your partner popped the big question with the controversial ring?

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