Woman shares chilling story to highlight danger of using Uber

The woman grew worried after the Uber driver asked her out when his car broke down. [Photo: Getty]
The woman grew worried after the Uber driver asked her out when his car broke down. [Photo: Getty]

When Amanda Harris’ Uber car broke down in a quiet neighbourhood, she and the driver had to wait for an hour for a recovery vehicle to arrive.

She grew worried after he began asking her questions and then asked her if she would go out with him.

She declined his offer, but was surprised to wake up the next morning to see she had been charged for the trip. He initially told her the trip was free because the car had broken down.

Amanda took to Twitter to vent about her experience.

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She told, “The driver had already been asking me lots of questions about my job and my life. When he pulled over on the dark road he said ‘oh well, it’ll give me more time to talk with you’.”

“He told me he wouldn’t charge me for my ride and my troubles. He asked me to dinner, I declined the offer. He offered me money, which I declined (wondering why in the world would this man offer me money).”

Amanda went on to explain that she had little phone signal and was on a dark road, so she didn’t think it would be a good idea to walk away.

Eventually, the car was fixed and the driver was able to take her home.

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The next morning she was charged as normal for her trip, leaving her to wonder whether he overcharged her because she didn’t agree to go on a date with him.

Initially, Uber refunded her £3.10. When she complained further, she got her whole fair back. Uber also told the woman that the incident had been “noted on the driver’s account”.

Amanda wanted to speak out about her experience to call for safer taxis.

She said: “If I said I thought this was an isolated incident, that would be naive. For me, it’s the only time an Uber driver has done this, but what about all the other women, or men even, that go through things like this as passengers? They shouldn’t have to go through it either.”

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