• UK Self-driving car trials continue despite driverless Uber accident in the US

    Trials of fully autonomous cars are set to continue in the UK, in the wake of a fatal accident in the USA. The accident, in Tempe, Arizona, resulted in the death of a pedestrian. 49-year old Elaine Herzberg was struck and killed by a self-driving

  • Driverless cars at least a decade away, says Uber boss

    Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of taxi firm Uber, has predicted that driverless cars are at least 10 years away, despite technology moving at a rapid pace. The ride-hailing app, which is currently facing legal claims regarding its classification as a

  • Uber set to be banned from another major UK city

    Uber is to be banned in another UK city after civic chiefs rejected an application to renew its licence. City of York Council rebuffed the firm's approach amid concerns over the number of complaints

  • Uber strikes deal to buy 24,000 autonomous Volvos

    Global taxi company Uber has revealed plans to buy a massive fleet of self-driving cars from Volvo, accelerating its shift from a ride-sharing company to one that operates its own vehicles. The partnership, set to begin in 2019, would see Volvo

  • Mum sets up women-only taxi company

    "There are also a lot of women drivers who work at Uber - they would definitely be welcome here."

  • Now Uber drivers can rate you back

    One of the most prominent features of ride hailing app Uber - besides its ongoing struggle with cities around the world regarding working conditions - is the ability for passengers to rate their drivers. Now though, an update to the app is

  • Duchess of Kent advertises for new royal driver

    Are you an Uber driver in London? Fearing for your job? Luckily for you, a new position has opened up that could be just the ticket. You'll be paid a decent wage, you'll travel a lot, and you may even be given the keys to something more

  • Uber to withdraw from Quebec after new regulations call for driver training

    The controversial ride-hailing company Uber has been in the press a lot recently, as the Mayor of London has refused to let the company continue operating in the city. However, it's not just Britain where Uber is having problems –

  • UberEats courier shouts abuse in shocking road rage attack on cab driver

    An UberEats courier has been caught on camera unleashing a tirade of abuse at a taxi driver. Metin Ozman was driving a passenger on Fournier Street in London when the incident happened at the junction with Brick

  • Uber accused of failing to report sexual assault on passengers

    Uber has been called to account by the police after allegedly failing to report sex attacks committed by its drivers. It comes after a letter emerged on Sunday expressing concern that the taxi app was not reporting such incidents to the

  • Uber drivers hike up prices to cheat customers

    Drivers for taxi service Uber have been found to be secretly conspiring to alter prices and cause price surges to manipulate customers. An investigation by The Times newspaper found that drivers for the taxi company were logging out at certain

  • Uber squeezes traditional taxi firms’ market

    The growth of app-based Uber is meaning that traditional taxi firms are losing out, according to new research. The turnover of the top 100 UK taxi and minicab firms has fallen for the first time in five years, as Uber increasingly strengthens its

  • This South Korean drink is supposedly the next miracle hangover cure

    Could hangovers become a thing of the past?

  • Tesco Clubcard: what's changing and what will it mean for you?

    Tesco Clubcard is changing - and in a real departure for the world of supermarket loyalty cards, it's not getting any less generous. In fact it's getting easier to use - and more useful. See also: The weird and wonderful things sold in

  • Uber director quits after making sexist remark

    An Uber board director has resigned after making a sexist remark during a meeting that had been called to address sexism in the company. According to the Telegraph, David Bonderman interrupted fellow director Arianna Huffington as she introduced

  • Babies born now ‘may never need to obtain a driving licence’

    Babies born now might never need a driving licence thanks to the driverless cars of the future, a study from insurance company Axa has claimed. Driverless cars could be seen on our roads as early as 2032, and Axa chief executive Amanda Blanc has

  • Uber to push young voters to the polls

    Uber will be encouraging young people to register to vote this week by directing customers to the official voter registration page via their smartphones. From Friday, the taxi-hailing app will show British customers who are waiting for their cab

  • Why nobody wants to work in the gig economy

    Only 13% of workers would consider taking a job in the gig economy, while 76% would feel more secure sticking to permanent employment. Apparently we can see the benefits, but it's not enough to convince us to give up traditional work. See

  • The most bizarre lost property left in an Uber

    From a lobster to a smoke machine, you'd be surprised what gets left in an Uber. We've all had that sickening moment when we get out of a taxi, and suddenly realise that something absolutely vital has been left on the seat - like a

  • Uber suspends autonomous vehicle trial following Arizona crash

    Uber has removed all its self-driving cars from the roads after one of its autonomous Volvos was involved in a crash. According to the BBC, the SUV ended up on its side after being involved in a collision with another vehicle in