Woman brands Tinder match 'trash' after he berated her 'awful charity shop dress'

The man said her dress “didn’t do her any favours”. Thousands have rallied to praise the woman. [Photo: Getty]
The man said her dress “didn’t do her any favours”. Thousands have rallied to praise the woman. [Photo: Getty]

Thea Lauryn Chippendale, 20, from Lincoln, has caused a Twitter meltdown after screengrabbing comments sent to her from her Tinder match, George.

George’s first message was not the type of introduction anyone expects from a match on Tinder, that’s for sure.

He wrote: “Not gonna lie, you’re a bit of a joke, but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favours. Hope this helps.”

He finished off his message with a thumbs up emoji.

Thea simply wrote, “excuse me?” to which he responded “you heard!”

Oh, he didn’t stop there, though.

Literally had to tell you else I wouldn’t of slept. It’s awful, you not reckon?”

Thea posted her bad experience on Twitter, sharing the messages the pair exchanged and a picture of her in the ASOS dress, which George went on to call a “charity shop job”.

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The post has been liked almost 100,000 times, with tweets of support coming in from all over the world.

One wrote: “Someone arrange a date with him and all of us can just turn up wearing that dress.”

Another said: “George is cancelled.”

He seems like that guy who tries to lower your self-esteem to make you settle down for him since you are fair 10 and he is poor 0. Not sure why guys think it works lol.”

The £75 lace midi-dress has already sold out in some sizes as people buy it in solidarity for Thea.

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She told Pretty52 she felt “upset” when she first read his comments.

“I understand that people have different opinions about what they see as nice or pretty, but he went out of his way to be mean to me? So I saw it as really malicious and cruel.”

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