Why we won't be trying the latest period product - a labia sealing lipstick

A male chiropractor has invented a labia sealing lipstick to hold in your period blood [Photo: Breakingpic via Pexels]

Let’s face it periods are a royal pain in the backside. The cramps, the mood swings, the restless nights. Most women would likely admit to being open to trying absolutely anything to make life that little bit easier during a visit from aunt flo.

Er, until we heard about the latest period product to hit the market that is.

For one (male) doctor has come up with the genius idea of a lipstick that temporarily seals your vagina shut, so it can hold in your period blood.

We know what you’re thinking…April fool! But nope, apart from being about a month too early, Mensez, the ‘feminine lipstick’ is a 100% genuine product.

It’s the brainchild of Kansas based chiropractor Daniel Dopps who believes he’s come up with the perfect product to solve women’s period problems.

In basic terms, the lipstick is a concoction of amino acids and oils that you apply to your bits to glue yourself shut doing your period. The idea is when water ie your pee hits the ‘glue’ it will dissolve causing your vagina to reopen and release your stored up period blood into the loo. Nice!

On Mensez’ s Facebook page (which has since been taken down thanks to hacking), Dopps explained the principle behind his life-changing new product.

“Have you ever woke up with your lips stuck together? It didn’t hurt and it was kind of fun,” he wrote in one post.

“All you had to do was wet your lips from the inside with saliva and they became unstuck.”

Forget tampons, this doctor thinks we should all be gluing our vaginas shut [Photo: Getty]

Unsurprisingly, the product hasn’t gone down well with people who actually have periods, many of whom objected to being told by a man to glue their labia shut.

But in a response to one woman’s critique of the product, Dopps appeared to have a pop at women for not having thought of the clever idea themselves.

“You as a woman should have come up with a better solution than diapers and plugs, but you didn’t,” he wrote, and wait because it gets better. “Reason being women are focused on and distracted by your period 25% of the time, making them far less productive than they could be.”

We know, you’re probably thinking that Dopps’ labia lipstick won’t actually make it to supermarket shelves, but in fact he was granted a patent for the product on January 10th and though he won’t be making the product himself, hopes it to find a manufacturer to take it to the market.

Just when we think we’re making strides in breaking down period stigmas, something goes at sets us back, oooh about a million years.

Mind blown.

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