Why I'm not too old to wear a mini skirt as I approach 50

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Rosie wants to bare her legs, no matter her age

Is it unseemly to show a lot of leg in midlife and beyond? Stella McCartney, 52, doesn’t think so because she just wore a silver mini dress to her Met Gala after-show party.

Minnie Driver, 54, also refutes such 'rules' and opted for a bottom-skimming denim skirt at a recent Vogue x Netflix bash. Then there’s JLo, Gwyneth and SJP, who all wear short styles that show their knees and thighs on a regular basis. And check out Christie Brinkley who is smashing the look at 70.

Celebrities including stella mccartney at the met gala after party
Stella McCartney's miniskirt inspired Rosie Green (Instagram)

Yes, they risk the wrath of the trolls, but they are wearing miniskirts anyway, paving the way for the rest of us midlifers to enjoy minis, less bothered by any side-eye. In fact, 56-year-old Davina McCall said last year she wouldn’t stop wearing mini dresses even if it ruined her career. She revealed she liked "horrifying" the keyboard warriors by wearing her thigh-exposing outfit without tights so you could see her "little crepey knees."

davina mccall posing in leggy red mini dress backstage at masked singer
Davina has no plans to abandon her mini skirts

Personally, I’m overjoyed to see this style revived because I feel like I’ve worn all my midi dresses to death. Don’t get me wrong they are super comfortable, ultra-flattering and easy to wear, but this summer I want to shake it up. I love the insouciance of a mini. I love its cool girl vibes. It’s Kate Moss in St Tropez. Twiggy in London, Jane Birkin in Paris.

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A veteran of glossy magazines and an erstwhile stylist, I feel I’ve got a handle on how to wear a mini.  First off, you need to counter its shortness and sexiness by making the rest of your outfit relaxed and low-key. You don’t want to look too try hard.

Styling your miniskirt

Proportion is also essential. Team your mini with a more relaxed, roomier top. Minnie wore a denim jacket with hers, the top half of Stella’s dress was blouson and Gwyneth’s denim skirt was paired with a baggier T-shirt.

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The right footwear is key. Flats are always a good option as they keep your outfit feeling effortless.  Try 90s-style ballet slippers or Mary Janes. A pair of boots will give a festival feel. Go for a flat or low-heeled ankle style - I love biker boots or ruched suede versions.

Stella, Minnie, Christie et al teamed their minis with sky-high stilettos. To make sure this doesn’t verge into the aforementioned try-hard zone, go for a simple court shape with minimal fuss. Or chunky Chloe-style platforms would work here too. Or Grecian style sandals.

A judgement free zone

Of course, you can wear this look however you want, with zero judgment, but I feel I need to put in some essential leg prep. Nothing is going to get you to flawless (and neither should it have to) but I’ll be using beauty products to tackle dryness (thanks hormones) and blemishes (accumulative sun damage, scars from running injuries and a smattering of veins).

Woman in a short green dress dancing
Rosie Green wonders if she's too old to wear a mini

First I’ll be body brushing vigorously (using an Aromatherapy Associate’s 'Revive Body Brush', £28) then using a body scrub which combines granules to physically slough off dead skin cells and acids to dissolve them (I like Ameliorate 'Smoothing Body Exfoliate', £18).

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After the shower, I’ll slather body lotion on my skin while it is still a bit damp - as this aids absorption. I like Gatineau 'AHA Body Lotion', £49. Then I’ll use a gradual tan (Dove 'Summer Revived Self-Tanning Body Lotion', £8.75 is a cheapy-but-goody).  Finally, before I go out, I’ll smooth on a layer of body makeup for extra confidence. Vita Liberata 'Body Blur', £15, is the best I’ve found.

Woman in short black dress with hands on her hips
Rosie loves to rock a miniskirt

Now I just need to work out how I’m going to afford Stella’s dress….