'The Eagle' and other Love Island inspired sex positions to try out

Love Island contestant Curtis Pritchard broke the Internet after revealing his favourite sex position was The Eagle [Photo: ITV]
Love Island contestant Curtis Pritchard broke the Internet after revealing his favourite sex position was The Eagle [Photo: ITV]

Love Island’ only kicked off on Monday and already the show has managed to break the Internet.

Earlier this week, contestant Curtis Pritchard whipped the nation into a Googling frenzy after revealing his favourite sex position in the bedroom was something known as ‘The eagle.’

The dancing professional, whose brother is Strictly's AJ Pritchard, managed to crash three websites with his candid admission, which saw the Google search term ‘eagle position’ increase by at least 4,000%.

"The eagle is my favourite romantic position, we shall say," he said. "I will leave you all to find that one out yourself because I'm not telling you what it is".

Eager to find out more, a baffled nation collectively turned to the Internet for advice, so much so that the top website in a Google search, Sex Info 101, crashed under the sudden surge of traffic.

Fans on Twitter then shared screenshots of the site’s error message revealing it was struggling because “too many people are accessing this website.” Oh!

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So what the heck is the eagle? Why is Curtis such a fan? And should we all be adding it to our sex position repertoire?

While traffic has no doubt now died-down, we’ve saved you the trouble of googling by asking the sexperts for the low-down.

"The reason why Curtis caused such a fuss on Love Island by mentioning that his favourite sex position was the eagle was because so few people had heard of it and they were intrigued to find out what it was,” explains Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert at Lovehoney.

Sexperts say Love Island could have a big influence on our sex lives this summer [Photo: ITV]
Sexperts say Love Island could have a big influence on our sex lives this summer [Photo: ITV]

What is the eagle?

"The eagle is basically the missionary where the woman has her legs wide in the air, rather than flat on the bed,” explains Annabelle. “It gets its name because the legs are spread apart, or spreadeagle.”

So what’s so great about it?

"It works well as a position because it is better for stimulating the G-Spot because the angle of penetration means the penis stimulates the front of the vaginal wall where the G-Spot is situated,” Annabelle continues.

"It is sometimes also called the Peace Sign position because the raised legs of the woman look like the peace sign with the two raised fingers.

The Sex Factor

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert at dating website IllicitEncounters.com, believes that ‘Love Island’ could have a big influence on couples' sexual behaviour.

"Love Island is going to set the sexual barometer for the summer,” she said. “You can be assured that lots of couples will be trying out the eagle sex position after Curtis said it was his favourite.

''It will be interesting to see what other positions and sex techniques are recommended by the contestants as the show progresses and the couples get more intimate."

Fancy trying some out? Here’s some alternative Love-island inspired sex positions perfect for couples keen to try out the eagle.

The Sexy Yoga

[Photo: Lovehoney]
[Photo: Lovehoney]

“Lots of the contestants on Love Island will be doing yoga to stay fit and supple in the villa, so why not combine your favourite work-out routine with a little sex?” asks Annabelle.

The Sexy Yoga position puts her on top - meaning she is in control of the speed and depth of the penetration.

She starts by lowering herself onto his erect penis with her feet on the floor either side of him.

Once he is inside, she lifts one leg at a time to cross her legs.

“This position works well because it stops him from thrusting too deep which can cause discomfort if he is on the bigger side,” explains Annabelle.

“She can maintain stimulation by rolling her hips and bottom in a circular motion,” she adds.

“She can lean forward, back or sideways to control how deep he thrusts and where on the vaginal wall he is targeting.”

The Lusty Lean

[Photo: Lovehoney]
[Photo: Lovehoney]

The Lusty Lean is quite similar to The Eagle only he is leaning more forwards and she has her legs resting on his shoulders.

“As with The Eagle, it great for couples who like deep penetration but you do need your bodies to be in perfect alignment,” Annabelle says.

If he is on the smaller side, this position allows him to thrust deep and long without the fear of hurting her.

She can reach forward to stroke or cup his testicles, or grab his backside to pull him even deeper.

The Can-Can

[Photo: Lovehoney]
[Photo: Lovehoney]

Annabelle says the Can-Can is great if you want to get it on in the Love Island showers but be careful not to topple over! “You do need to be mega-flexible to pull it off,” she warns.

The premise is that he stands while she goes on tip-toes and puts one leg on his shoulder while he penetrates.

“This angle holds him in firmly and stops him from slipping out,” Annabelle explains. “The penetration is deep, snug and tight.

“Just as you are both ready to orgasm, she can make it even better by pushing out her pelvic floor muscles to grip him even tighter.”