The UK's top 10 sexual fantasies revealed

New stats have revealed the top ten fantasies of UK people. [Photo: Getty]
New stats have revealed the top ten fantasies of UK people. [Photo: Getty]

New stats have unearthed a pretty broad spectrum of the UK population’s sexual fantasies.

The We-Vibe survey covers everything from sex on a plane to sex on public transport (OK, so there’s a transport theme here).

Most of us have had some sort of fantasy in our lifetimes. Whether you’re fantasising about something kinky, or just daydreaming about a bit of peace and quiet.

The question is, did your fantasy make the cut?

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10. Having sex at the gym

This has given an entirely new meaning to downward facing dog.

Some 6 per cent of you fantasise about having sex in the gym. It makes sense. You’re already sweaty, you’re wearing lycra, you’re basically half way there.

Turn the speakers from thumping dance music to something a bit more romantic and let’s get it on.

9. Sex with the same gender

This one ranked equally with having sex at the gym. 6 per cent of you said this is your fantasy.

Amongst straight people, 6 per cent of you think having sex with somebody of the same gender would be the ultimate fantasy goal.

8. Sex on public transport

Obviously none of the 7 per cent of you who fantasise about sex on public transport know about London’s most soiled underground routes.

With 14,634 of London’s buses soiled in 2018, we reserve the right to give this one a wide berth.

But, each to their own. Perhaps it’s the hoards of angry commuters that get you going.

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7. An open relationship

All that being faithful really gets in the way, right?

It does according to 9 per cent of the UK population who want to still be with their partner, but also be with multiple other partners, too.

I wonder how many of their partners agreed. Now, that’s a stat I’d like to see.

6. Sex on a plane

It’s true, flights are boring. What better way to pass the time than an induction to the mile high hall of fame.

Some 9 per cent of you - the same amount of you privy to the idea of an open relationship - daydream about plane sex.

Perhaps we could combine the two. There’s a business idea there somewhere.

5. Group sex

Some 10 per cent of you are turned on by the idea of a group gathering.

And I’m not talking the kind of gathering that involves a cheese board and monopoly. Side note: all you can eat cheese parties are coming to the UK, by the way.

That really is just cheese, though. Unless, along with a tenth of the country, you want it to be more than just cheese.

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4. Sex at work

Where? In the toilet? On the floor?

The stats don’t specify, but what’s for sure is that 13 per cent of you think this is the ultimate fantasy.

That’s what I call a hump day treat. Fri-yay, indeed.

3. Sex outside

This survey must’ve been taken in the summer. You’ve got to be brave to bare all during one of the weekly named storms we have in the UK.

Getting down and dirty in the wild has its appeal and a huge 17 per cent of the population would agree.

Whether it’s in the woods or the car park, UK people aren’t phased by public displays of affection.

2. Having a threesome

Some 19 per cent of the UK public fantasise about having a threesome.

Whether it’s with somebody you know as a couple, or you’re the stranger who’s getting involved to spice things up, the threesome fantasy is a popular one.

1. Sex in the shower

Drum roll please: 20 per cent of you say your ultimate fantasy is sex in the shower.

This one narrowly takes the top spot. Hot, steamy water and soapy, naked bodies. What’s not to love?

Maybe the lack of upper body strength and severely claustrophobic shower, but who am I to dampen the mood?