Weird ice cream flavours that actually exist

Ice cream flavours
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Love ice cream? Love pizza? Then you’ll be delighted to discover that a pizza-flavoured ice cream is now on sale containing tomato, garlic and basil.

Perhaps, anyway; how can two things so marvellous turn into something so… questionable?

Pizza: A Totally Suitable Dinner Pizza Ice Cream: ________

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But pizza ice cream is far from the strangest flavour out there.

After all, all you need is an ice cream maker and whatever ingredient you have to hand.

Garlic ice cream, anyone?

Blue cheese ice cream

While cheese ice cream has been around for a while now (it’s not that weird once you think about it – cheesecake, right?) blue cheese ice cream is another food stuff altogether.

You can’t go wrong with Gorgonzola or Stilton on a cheese board at Christmas, but at the beach?

Only for the brave.

Garlic ice cream

Garlic ice cream actually has a pretty long legacy, and is the feature of many garlic festivals (yes, there are many garlic festivals).

It’s the foundation of just about every brilliant meal in the world, so maybe it’s not as offensive as we might think.

Lobster ice cream

Lobster ice cream. #lobster #lobstericecream #barharbor #benandbills

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Well, at least we know it’ll be frozen fresh.

Some versions of this have the lobster coated in chocolate – either way, it sure is a change from thermidor.

Sweetcorn ice cream

Taking the ‘sweet’ in sweet corn a little too literally, perhaps.

Foie gras ice cream

Foie gras ice cream. Tastes odd. ???????? #foiegrasicecream #hkig

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Could this taste a little like liver pate, but chilled?

If so, we can almost – almost – imagine eating this at a picnic, but as with most savoury ice creams, perhaps it’s better to have the real meal followed by a classic chocolate flavour instead.

Barbeque ribs ice cream

When you think about it, BBQ sauce is essentially a bunch of spices and a load of sugar, which might be quite nice in ice cream form.

It all gets a little more crazy when you think of the meat aspect though.

Tequila ice cream

Come get some ‼️tequila almond ice cream ‼️dress it up however you'd like. #tasteofmexico #tequila #tequilaicecream

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The horror.

Only kidding – this actually sounds rather nice.

Important question, however: does it come with salt and lemon?

Wasabi ice cream

Wasabi ice cream???? #wasabifarm #wasabiicecream #alpineroute #mysweetautumn

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We’re hoping this is a little less strong than the real thing or getting through a whole portion would be a battle.

Imagine that pain you get in the back of your nose while having brain freeze at the same time.

It wouldn’t be pretty.

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