The story behind each of Victoria Beckham's 14 engagement rings

Square-cut yellow diamond on a platinum pave band, 2018

This square-cut yellow diamond sits on a pavé diamond band. (Rex)

Square-cut diamond on a platinum pavé band, 2016

Debuting it at Cannes 2016, Victoria showed off her latest gift from David: a square-cut diamond on a platinum pavé band. Stunning. (Getty Images)

Round-cut diamond with a halo setting and round side stones, 2015

In 2015, VB has another left hand-update to show off, a round-cut diamond set in a halo design with two round side stones. (Rex)

Pink diamond oval-cut on a gold band, 2010

Victoria already has one pink diamond, but one clearly wasn’t enough when she debuted this oval-cut beauty on a gold band in 2010. (Getty Images)

Oval-cut sapphire on a platinum pavé band, 2010

Continuing her penchant for large rare gems, David gifted Victoria this epic, oval-cut sapphire set on a platinum band of white diamonds in 2010. (Getty Images)

Oval-cut ruby mounted on white diamonds, 2009

Perhaps the most regal ring in Victoria’s collection is this huge ruby diamond set on a spiralling white diamond base, given to her by David in 2009. (Getty Images)

Emerald-cut diamond on a pavé band, 2008

In 2008, VB debuted a new 15-carat, emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, reportedly designed by Chopard. (Getty Images)

Cushion-cut emerald with a platinum spiral setting, 2007

In 2007, Victoria swapped out her diamonds for a huge green emerald set into platinum. (Getty Images)

Emerald-cut diamond on a yellow gold pave band, 2006

Adding another coloured diamond to her growing collection in 2006, VB often wore this giant emerald-cut stone with an eternity ring on either side. (Getty Images)

Pear-cut diamond on a platinum pave band, 2005

It was a new year, a new ‘do, and a new ring for Victoria in 2005. This time, David gifted her this huge 17-carat pear-cut diamond (her biggest so far) set on a pavé band. (Getty Images)

Pink oval-cut diamond with halo setting, 2004

To celebrate her 30th birthday, David pulled out the big guns with this baby pink diamond with a halo setting. (Getty Images)

Emerald-cut diamond with platinum band, 2003

In the year 2003, David and Victoria made a now-iconic appearance at the MTV Awards where Victoria appeared to have upgraded her eternity band for something slightly heavier. (Getty Images)

Platinum eternity band, 2001

Shortly after her wedding, VB swapped out her marquise-cut diamond original for a platinum eternity band which was set with white diamonds. (Getty Images)

Marquise-cut diamond on a yellow gold band, 1998

When David Beckham proposed to his Spice Girl love in 1998, he presented her with a 3-carat marquise-cut diamond set on a yellow gold band. The ring reportedly cost around $85,000 at the time. (Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham isn’t shy about flaunting her lavish lifestyle, and that’s partly what makes her so fascinating.

Wild rumours about the fashion designer's extensive clothing, shoes, and jewellery collections have emerged over the years, with reports of her owning over 100 Birkin bags and a heels collection surpassing 3000.

So it will come as no surprise to learn that Beckham owns a lot of engagement rings.

Totting the total up to a massive 14 rings, the diamonds are said to have all been gifted to her by husband David throughout their 23-year marriage.

Worth a reported £4 million in total and comprised of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, we delve deeper into the mum-of-four's collection…