Bride and groom give wedding guests a bizarre 'kissing menu' for instructions on how to get newlyweds to embrace

A bride and groom gave their wedding guests a bizarre 'kissing menu' with instructions on how to get the couple to lock lips [Image: Getty]
A bride and groom gave their wedding guests a bizarre 'kissing menu' with instructions on how to get the couple to lock lips [Image: Getty]

It has long been tradition for the bride and groom to be prompted by guests to kiss at their wedding with the “clinking” of wine glasses.

But one couple decided to do things their way at the reception - much to the amusement of those attending.

They raised eyebrows with a bizarre “kissing menu” on their big day.

The piece of paper, handed out to guests, featured instructions on how they could encourage the newlyweds to embrace.

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In a post on a wedding shaming Facebook group, one attendee shared a picture of the “menu”.

It featured a list of tasks guests had to complete in order to get the couple to lock lips.

“If you want to see the newlyweds kiss...a clink of the glass won't cut it!” it read, laying out the odd concept.

"We're going to make you work for this!"

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One of the challenges on the “menu” was “newlywed trivia”.

This saw guests have to answer one of ten questions about the couple on the reverse of the paper.

Only then, would they get to see the pair kiss.

Similarly, another called "French toast", explained that they had to be given "advice for a long and happy marriage" before they would embrace.

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However, the “menu” got even stranger.

One task named "take your chances" asked guests to flip a coin.

It explained: "Heads - the bride and groom will kiss.

“Tails - you kiss another guest."

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A fourth option, called "the exquisite example" asked guests to demonstrate a kiss for the newlyweds to copy.

While the couple had certainly added a unique element to their nuptials, not all Facebook users seemed particularly impressed, with some calling it “gross”.

One person - who said such a "menu" had been at another wedding they had attended - commented: "Spoiler alert: no-one wants to see you kiss that bad.

"Entire night went by without anyone using these cringe-worthy alternatives."

Another added: "This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen."

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