Wedding guest warned not to wear glittery gold dress to ceremony

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Friends celebrating, toasting wine glasses at sunny garden party table
A wedding guest has asked for outfit advice. Photo: Getty

A woman has asked for advice about whether or not an outfit is appropriate to wear to a wedding.

Taking to Facebook, the anonymous wedding guest revealed she was hoping to make a one-off purchase of a nice dress that she could also wear to other occasions.

She shared a photo of the Nyla Glitter Cocktail Dress from Australian brand A&N Label but asked whether it was “too much to wear as a guest to a formal wedding”.

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“I absolutely do not want to be that guest who looks like they're vying for bride,” she wrote.

Wedding guest wants to wear Nyla Glitter Cocktail Dress from A&N Label
Is this dress appropriate for a wedding guest? Photo: Facebook

Given the elegant $300 (£167) off-the-shoulder dress is gold and quite glamorous, many people said she should definitely not wear it to the wedding.

“If you have to ask the answer is no,” one person commented.

“Honestly if you're looking to invest in one good piece go for black and well made,” another suggested.

Cheerful young woman in wedding gown toasting champagne with friends in bridal Boutique. Beautiful bride in elegant wedding dress clinking glasses of champagne with her friends and smiling in wedding fashion shop.
Many said there was no way she would upstage the bride. Photo: Getty

But many said they wouldn’t mind if it was their wedding and that it was a “lovely” choice.

“I would not have cared if anyone wore that dress to my wedding - looks lovely,” one person said online.

“I love the style of this and I don't see an issue at all,” another replied.

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“Maybe check with the bride but it seems lovely to me,” was another suggestion.

The woman, thought to be from Australia, eventually decided she would look for a similar design but maybe choose a different colour that didn’t look like ‘one of the bridesmaids’.

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