Wedding guest storms out of reception because of the 'sexist' menu

The bride and groom served different food depending on the guest's gender. [Photo: Getty]
The bride and groom served different food depending on the guest's gender. [Photo: Getty]

A guest stormed out of her work colleague’s wedding after realising the men and women were given different meals.

The woman hadn’t even finished her starter before she left the event because she was too “outraged” to carry on.

Each course of the three-course wedding breakfast was different dependent on whether you were male or female.

The biggest bone of contention was the chocolate bomb, which was only offered to men, with women given a cheesecake instead.

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In the post on Mumsnet, the woman asked if she was wrong for walking out of the wedding so early.

She explained that the groom’s traditional parents were to blame for this lapse in judgement and that the couple were usually progressive thinking people.

“The bride is a feminist who attends rallies and feminist events with me.” She explained.

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For the starter, the men were given a mushroom risotto whilst the women had a prawn risotto. For mains the men had roast beef and the women had grilled chicken.

She continued: “Those who stayed until the end of the evening informed me that women were offered a slice of cake, while the men were given whisky.”

Most of the comments on the post disagreed with the woman’s decision to leave her co-worker’s wedding.

“Very rude of you to flounce off, It might not be your cup of tea, but it's their day presumably being done in a way they are comfortable with.” One wrote.

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Some of the Mumsnet users were just perplexed by the bride and groom’s decision though, stating that neither prawn risotto or cheesecake is particularly feminine.

One woman wrote: “Apart from the oddness of doing this at all, I fail to see why prawn risotto and strawberry cheesecake are feminine. Was the roast beef served rare?”

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