Wait, Did You Catch Nicola Coughlan Making Luke Newton Blush?

luke newton and nicola coughlan
Wait, Did You Catch Nicola Making Luke Blush?Dave Benett

It's the series that truly looks as though it was as fun to film as it is to watch, and as if we needed anymore evidence to back up our beliefs, a new TikTok video from behind-the-scenes of Bridgerton season three has been released to further prove our point.

For those who might not know, scenes from the show where music is playing are never actually filmed with music playing (otherwise how would we hear our favourite members of the ton converse?) For the Bridgerton balls, in order to ensure that all cast members are dancing to the beat though, the actors wear in-ear monitors through which they'll hear the melody of the music.


In this instance, they’re waltzing to an orchestral cover of 'Snow on the Beach' by Taylor Swift feat. Lana Del Rey, but in order to prank her co-star, Luke Newton, Nicola Coughlan set it up so that everyone would hear 'Cougar Town' by Newton’s short-lived boy band, South4, which he’d formed with his friends 11 years ago.

In the video, which was released on Shondaland's TikTok account, Newton can be seen asking Coughlan to dance before the slow realisation dawns on him that the actors on-set are, in fact, all listening to his single. While Newton blushes with embarrassment, the ensemble cast start dancing and singing to the single, leaving the actor red-faced and shaking his head.

luke newton as colin bridgerton and nicola coughlan as penelope featherington in episode 301 of bridgerton
Liam Daniel/Netflix - Netflix

'So I was in a boy band once,' Newton eventually says in the clip. 'Once upon a time. And that was our song "Cougar Town". So yeah, that's great. I thought it was in my head for a second.'

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