Viral tweet reveals 'every' woman has a freckle on their left boob

Viral tweet suggests every woman has a freckle on their left boob. [Photo: Getty]
Viral tweet suggests every woman has a freckle on their left boob. [Photo: Getty]

A viral feed on Twitter has suggested that “every” woman has a freckle on her left boob.

Who else is subtly looking down their top right now?

This new theory comes shortly after one social media user claimed that every woman had a freckle on her right arm.

This feels like a very different version of the hokey-cokey.

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A number of people began suggesting the theory on Twitter underneath the original viral tweet about the wrist freckle theory.

It seems quite logical that women would have freckles around their chest area.

After all, sun exposure activates the production of melanin, which in turn makes freckles look darker.

The chest area is typically one of the main areas on show in the sun.

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The other big factor is your genetic make up. Some people have no freckles at all, whilst others, usually those with paler skin, have a lot.

It has encouraged thousands of Twitter users to check their boobs for freckles.

One user was embarrassed to admit: “I have the left boob freckle but not the wrist.”

Another went further to debunk the myth: “I’m sorry to inform you but I do not have a freckle on my [sic] left boob.”

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Although it seemed likely that we’d accidentally stumbled on a global phenomena, it’s perhaps more likely that these areas spend more time in the sun than others.

Whether it’s the beginning of a conspiracy theory that will one day be turned into Netflix series, or just a random coincidence, we’re here for it.

Anything that encourages you to check your breasts can’t be a bad thing.

Get checking, ladies.

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