This TikTok duvet cover hack will change your bed making game forever

A duvet changing hack is going viral on TikTok. (Posed by model, Getty Images)
A duvet changing hack is going viral on TikTok. (Posed by model, Getty Images)

Changing the duvet is one of our most dreaded household chores (see also, taking out the bins and cleaning the toilet).

The torturous process of wrestling your duvet into it’s new cover is guaranteed to leave you frustrated and possibly sweating profusely.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that almost a quarter (24%) of people in the UK admit to only changing their bedsheets every “three or four weeks.”

Thankfully, TikTok user shadyysandyy has come up with an impressive hack that promises to make the daunting task of changing your duvet cover a dream.

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“I’m going to show you how to easily put on a duvet cover,” the woman in the clip begins, before breaking the technique down into a simple step-by-step demonstration.

Step one involves laying the duvet cover on top of your bed, inside out, with the opening of the cover up towards the headboard.

Next, you need to lay your duvet on top of the inside-out cover.

For the third step you need to roll the duvet and duvet cover up into a tight sausage-type spiral. Start at the bottom of your bed and keep rolling them up all the way to the top of your bed.

You’re probably wondering how on earth this is going to result in a perfectly made bed, but you need to keep the faith.

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The next step involves flipping the duvet into the cover – and don’t worry it is easier than it sounds. Basically you just need to pull the duvet cover around the entire duvet cover wrapped duvet, then do up the buttons.

We promise it is easier to do than it is to describe with words.

Finally, you can simply unroll your newly made bed. Simples.

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Changing the duvet cover is one of the worst chores. (posed by model, Getty Images)
Changing the duvet cover is one of the worst chores. (posed by model, Getty Images)

Considering we hate changing the bed so much, it’s not difficult to see why the hack is currently going viral on video-sharing platform TikTok, receiving almost 400,000 likes.

Judging by some of the 5,000 comments under the video clip there is a real demand for hacks to make the chore of changing the bed that bit easier.

“I basically crawl inside mine to shove it in the bottom... it’s not graceful... and now I’m ashamed,” one person wrote.

“I nearly kicked my BF out yesterday while we tried to put ours on. It never gets any easier.”

While some were left in disbelief that changing a duvet cover could ever be so easy.

“Wait, What just happened?” one person asked.

“I think she just did a magic trick,” another commented.

Others could vouch for the fact that the duvet hack is a winner.

“I have been doing this method for years, and I still do not understand how it works,” one person commented. “It surprises me every time that it works.”

Our dislike for changing our duvets could be related to the growing size of our beds, according to Lucy Ellis of Perfecting Property.

“The average size bed/bedding that people select has been increasing,” she explains. “The bigger the bedding, the more difficult changing the bed can become.

“If you think of it this way, the most popular sized duvet (King size) is around 7ft by 7ft compared to the average height of 5ft 9in for men and 5ft 3in [for women].”

Ellis says the TikTok duvet hack seems like a great solution for those who struggle to change their bedding. “It’s particularly perfect for people with limited mobility or who don’t have the space to give it a good shake, not to mention the fact that it looks very straightforward,” she explains.

And Ellis has her own alternative duvet-changing trick.

“When changing a bed, I always turn the duvet cover inside out, grab the corners of the actual duvet, shake it so that it slides down the rest of the duvet, and then smooth it out to create the perfect finish,” she says.

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This isn’t the only hack making our lives a heck of a lot easier right now.

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