Simple tumble dryer hack to make washing smell extra fresh proves popular on Instagram

People are loving a simple DIY hack to get your clothes smelling extra fresh. (Getty Images)
People are loving this simple DIY hack to get your clothes smelling extra fresh. (Getty Images)

A simple hack to make clean washing smell extra fresh is going down a storm on Instagram.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly washed laundry, but despite our best efforts our clothes don’t always have that just-out-the-machine scent.

Thankfully, one cleaning enthusiast has come up with a simple yet effective trick to get your washing smelling extra fresh.

Enter: the tumble dryer sponge.

Sharing the clever hack to her Instagram grid, explained that the DIY tumble dryer sponges leave machine-dried clothes smelling super fresh and offer an alternative to shop-bought dryer sheets.

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“It's that time of year when the washing line is put away and the tumble dryer gets turned on,” she wrote alongside a short video clip demonstration of how to make the scented sponges.

“My Tumble dryer sponges are prepped and ready for the laundry today.”

The cleaning enthusiast known as Mrs D also shared a longer instructional video further down her grid offering a fuller tutorial.

To make the tumble dryer sponges Mrs D says you need a pack of two thick sponges, the type you can buy in any supermarket, a lidded plastic box and your favourite fabric softener.

The method involves placing two cleaning sponges in the plastic container and pouring two caps of fabric conditioner over the top of the sponges.

Next, she suggests pouring some water over the fabric conditioner-soaked sponges.

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Then you’ll need to use your fingers to push down the sponges to make sure the fabric conditioner and water has been absorbed properly and turn the top sponge over to do the same on the other side.

Finally, place a lid on the plastic box and your tumble dryer sponges are ready to go.

All you have to do before use, is ring out the excess moisture in the sponge.

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Fans were quick to show their love for the DIY tumble dryer sponges, praising the cleaning enthusiast for showing them an alternative to tumble dryer sheets.

“I absolutely love this tip,” one person wrote. “The clothes smell of your favourite fragrance right up until they end up back in the washing basket.

“You've saved me so much money doing it this way rather than buy the tumble dryer sheets which I don't think have the intended results.”

“Love this hack so much,” another agreed.

“This is the BEST hack ever! I remember seeing it a while [ago] from you and I’ve done it ever since,” yet another fan wrote.

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There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh laundry. (Getty Images)
There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh laundry. (Getty Images)

Others pointed out the hack would particularly come in useful at this time of year, now that the weather is cooler and the tumble dryer is used more.

In her earlier video tutorial, Mrs D urged fans to follow her instructions to the letter, as using too much fabric conditioner could potentially stain clothes.

“Please follow all the instructions to make this tumble dryer sponge,” she wrote. “Using too much fabric softener can leave speckled stain spots... I take no responsibility for any stains that may occur,” she added.

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