Villa drama as Love Island fans 'laughing' as Konnor steals Grace from 'gutted' Joey Essex

Love Island
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Love Island fans were left reeling during the latest recoupling that saw Joey Essex lose his current partner, Grace Jackson to newest bombshell Konnor Ewudzi.

Sitting around the firepit, Harriett Blackmore received a text and read : “Islanders, it’s now time to recouple. The girls will now pick which boys they’d like to couple up with. Konnor and Matilda as the newest arrivals you will get to pick first.”

Matilda Draper picked Sean Stone, who she had been getting to know, and then it was Konnor time to choose, and he shockingly picked Grace.

Poor Joey was visibly shocked by the decision, while Jess White, who was sitting next to Konnor, started laughing nervously. And fans were pretty shocked by Konnor’s decision as well.

Grace and Konnor
Grace and Konnor spoke the previous day -Credit:ITV
Love Island
The Love Island girls picked which boy they wanted to couple up with -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

One viewers wrote: “The funniest recoupling ever #LoveIsland ”. Another commented: “joey thought omar was a problem but look at konnor coming thru i love it here.”

Another said: “Grace lowkey told konnor to pick her #loveisland.” A fourth added: “i’m so glad konnor picked grace, joey needed to be humbled #LoveIsland.”

On Jess’ reaction, one said: “I was laughing right along with Jess, this is about to get interesting #loveIsland

One fan predicted earlier in the evening: “Konnor is gonna couple up with Grace if so ohhhh this the drama I needed.”

Nicole Samuel
Nicole couldn't believe it when Konnor chose Grace -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

As the recoupling continued, Uma Jammeh picked Wil Anderson, Nicole Samuel chose to remain coupled up with Ciaran Davies, Harriett decided to rekindle the flame with Ronnie Vint, Mimii Ngulube chose Ayo Odukoya and by default, Jess White coupled up with newly single Joey.

In her speech where she recouple with Jess, she said: "I'll happily share a bed with you [Joey] until you get your girl back."

As the recoupling ended Konnor spoke to Joey to explain his reasoning to which Joey responded there were 'no hard feelings'. But speaking to the camera Joey confessed he was 'gutted'.

Earlier in Monday night’s (24 June) episode, Grace pulled Konnor for a chat after the dumping where she told him to “do what you’ve got to do.”

And when Grace asked Konnor if there was anyone he had his eye on, he responded “Yeah, you, and Uma” to which Grace seemed flattered. The pair finished off their conversation with a hug and Grace told him that she’s there if he “ever wants to talk”.

Grace then relayed the information to the girls - but Joey remained none the wiser.