Viewers of Netflix's MH370 documentary have same complaint about series

netflix viewers complain about mh370 series
Netflix's MH370 doc faces complaints from viewers Netflix

Yesterday the eagerly anticipated documentary series MH370: The Plane That Disappeared finally dropped on Netflix. The three part series is set to investigate what happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014.

On 8th March 2014, a redeye flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 passengers and crew on board, disappeared from the radar screens shortly after takeoff. The search for the plane has been one of the most extensive in history but so far there has been conclusive answer as to what exactly happened to the plane.

The series features interviews with a variety of family members of the missing passengers and crew, scientists and journalists. Many of the interviewees share their theories on what happened to the plane, which has left viewers of the series with some complaints.

netflix viewers complain about mh370 series

Viewers of MH370: The Plane That Disappeared have shared their thoughts on social media, with many saying they were disappointed with the series as it only contains "theories" , and they were left not knowing any new information.

One said: "Totally disagree with @netflix's documentary of flight #MH370. It only promotes conspiracy theories without any valid arguments and proof of what they suggest. There are a lot of other documentaries in YouTube with aviation experts speaking; suggest watching them instead."

And another said: "Hey, @netflix! A documentary is supposed to be based on mostly facts and at the very least provide some sort of clarity, not leave you confused with a billion other questions that you didn’t even have nine years ago. The lack of intelligence is almost frustrating."

Others have said the series would have worked better as part of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries series, rather than its own documentary.

One person said: "Just finished watching #MH370 on #Netflix, few things I think - the show is just another Unsolved Mysteries episode. There’re too many ‘not possible’ theories, but not one ‘possible’ theory."

It's worth pointing out that with many documentary shows, there is not always a conclusive answer presented by the series, but simply an exploration of pre-existing theories.

netflix viewers complain about mh370 series

The producer of MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, Harry Hewland, has touched on the lack of a conclusive answer saying the aim of the documentary was to raise the profile of the story.

He said: "More than anything, we want to pull the hidden truths about MH370 out from the carpet under which they've been swept, and remind people that this is still a story with no ending, a mystery that hasn't been solved, that somebody out there knows more than the world has been told.

"And if we can raise the profile of the story again, and amplify, by even a decibel or two, the cry for the search to go on, we'll have done something useful.”

So far there have been many possible theories about what happened to the plane and the 239 people on board. However, none have been confirmed as of yet.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared is available on Netflix now

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