Victoria Beckham gives us a peek at her WFH 'office' - her very well-stocked pantry

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Victoria Beckham has given fans a glimpse at her impressive pantry, pictured in March 2019. (Getty Images)
Victoria Beckham has given fans a glimpse at her impressive pantry, pictured in March 2019. (Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham has given fans a glimpse of her unusual WFH set up - her perfectly organised pantry.

The singer turned fashion designer, 46, shared an image of her taking a coffee break in the unusual spot and all anyone could focus on was her totally tidy and very well-stocked shelves.

In the photo, the former Spice Girl is sat casually on a worktop in her walk-in larder, drinking from a personalised mug with the letter ‘V’ on it.

Dressed in casual jeans and a navy jumper layered over a blue shirt with coloured detailing, Beckham was grabbing a quick cuppa as she took time out from WFH in the impressive room.

Behind the designer were shelves laden with bags of flour, jars of condiments, ketchup, jam jars and more, all lined up neatly.

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What was even more impressive, however, was that all the labels on the products were perfectly placed to be facing forward in what could be the neatest pantry we ever did see.

In the accompanying caption, Beckham joked that she was hanging out in her “office,” including the WFH hashtag at the end of her post.

Of course fans were quick to share their opinions on the impressive space, with many zeroing in on the tidy shelves.

“You know that everyone is just zooming in at your cupboard?” one fan commented.

“Wow that cupboard is so tidy,” another agreed. “Love it”.

“Those shelves are so well organised,” yet another person wrote.

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Other people wondered whether VB’s husband, David Beckham, had something to do with the perfectly arranged shelves.

“This pantry gives me life!! I wonder if DB turned all the jams jars label facing?” one person speculated.

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It is possible that the former professional footballer is behind the incredibly organised shelves, as he previously revealed in a TV interview that he has a desire to keep everything perfectly in place.

“I’ve got this obsessive-compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs,” he once said, according to The Independent.

“I’ll put my Pepsi cans in the fridge and if there’s one too many then I’ll put it in another cupboard somewhere.”

Another commenter attempted to reignite the age-old debate about where ketchup should be stored after spotting some bottles in the Beckhams’ pantry.

“Ketchup should be in the fridge,” the fan wrote. Although others responded that in their opinion the condiment doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

This isn’t the first time Victoria Beckham has offered fans a peek into her WFH life.

Earlier this year the designer offered an indication that she’d swapped her chic work suits for something altogether more casual.

Sharing an image of herself at home, plugging away on her laptop at the kitchen counter, the mum-of-four showed off her comfy yet chic WFH wardrobe.

“My warm weather working from home wardrobe! Shorts & slippers. The dream,” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

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The fashion designer, who is currently holed up in her Cotsolds home with husband David and the couple’s youngest children Harper, Cruz and Romeo, is also keeping it casual for lockdown 2.0.

Over the weekend she shared an image of herself dressed in an emerald green tracksuit while snuggled up at home with one of her pet pooches.

“My kind of tracksuit!” she captioned the shot. “The comfiest #VVB sweatshirt and matching jersey trousers (Fig loves it too) x vb.”

Her husband seems to have been using his free time in lockdown to take up a new hobby - the Chinese sport of Jianzi.

Sharing a video to Instagram, the former footballer could be seen trying to perfect his new skills, as he revealed he’s discovered a real love for the game.

“Practising Jianzi for the first time, I love it,” he wrote. “Thanks to my fans in China for getting me into this new game.”

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