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The £12 John Lewis portable fan you won't regret buying: 'Extremely effective in the heat'

Looking for a portable desk fan to keep you cool this summer? John Lewis has just the thing. (John Lewis & Partners/Yahoo Life UK)

Every summer it's the same story: the weather unexpectedly heats up and suddenly fans are sold out everywhere.

Last year's heatwave was a scorcher and had us feeling weary with no reprieve – it was a very long week of poor sleep.

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This year we've decided to get ahead of the inevitable fan shortage and luckily, the John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan, which costs just £12, is finally back in stock after selling out multiple times in 2022.

It's a portable, compact fan that'll keep you cool whether you're working at home, commuting on a packed and sweaty train or bus – or even going for a walk in the park. And, needless to say, it is also a godsend for those menopausal 'heatwaves' too that happen regardless of the weather outside.

The fan's small size means it's perfect for your bedside table, too, so you can let the cooling breeze ease you to sleep.

Why we rate it

The John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan is compact, which is why it's a brilliant multi-purpose buy.

The small but mighty, foldable gadget is nine inches high and has a width of four inches.

This design is rechargeable and boasts three speed settings, so you can opt for a light breeze or faster, more full-on ventilation.

Not only can the fan be handheld, but the handle can fold out to form a stand to prop it up, which makes it easy to position on a table or desk. And it also means it'll sit safely on your bedside table at night.

Plus, unlike a lot of bigger fans, it doesn't make a lot of noise which makes it even more sleep-friendly.

The fan can stand up independently or be folded neatly and compact in a handbag. (John Lewis & Partners)
The fan can stand up independently or be folded neatly and compact in a handbag. (John Lewis & Partners)

£12 at John Lewis

To charge, all you have to do is insert the charging cable into a standard USB port, and you can still use the fan while powering it up, or juice up the battery ready to keep in your bag for when you start to overheat.

It will operate for approximately nine hours on low speed, six hours on medium speed and four hours on high speed.

The fan comes in two colours too, you can shop it in white and sage.

Portable and easy to charge, it's a must-have for summer.
Portable and easy to charge, it's a must-have for summer.

£12 at John Lewis

What the reviews say

The John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan is a heatwave winner as it has received over 800 five-star reviews from happy shoppers, who've taken it on holiday, sat it on the table in restaurants and used it to keep cool during pregnancy.

  • "First bought one of these 2 years ago – have since bought 2 more (placed in different rooms for my menopausal moments !!) and also gifted a few. Such a brilliant little fan – lovely cool breeze on even the lowest setting & love the fact you can fold & tilt it. Buy one quickly as they always sell fast!!"

  • "I've been using these wee fans for years and buy them as gifts for my female friends because they all want mine! It sits on the table in restaurants or as hand held in public transport… the guys are wanting them too now."

  • "I'm pregnant and was desperately in need of a portable fan to help keep me cool in the 3rd tri throughout the summer months. It has exceeded all expectations and is much better than the cheaper alternative that I was going to buy. The fact that it can double as a portable desk fan has actually been a life saver in the office. It's quiet enough that it's not too obtrusive for other people as well. Battery life seems to be great so far as well. Absolutely CANNOT RECOMMEND HIGHLY ENOUGH!!!"

  • "Much better quality than any other I've seen (and I've looked at and had many). Spreading the word, you won't regret."

  • "I'm so pleased they've brought these fans back. They are incredible, not too loud and deliver a great breeze even on the lowest level. I bought a load for family as they were impressed with mine and thankfully I can purchase another one for my office. Please don't discontinue this product again."

  • "This is a fantastic fan, took to USA and was a godsend."

Buy it now: John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan | £12 from John Lewis & Partners

ANYDAY Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan
ANYDAY Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan

£12 at John Lewis

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