'Veganism should be considered a religion,' argues journalist Liz Jones

Liz Jones believes veganism is more important than Brexit. [Photo: Getty/GMB]
Liz Jones believes veganism is more important than Brexit. [Photo: Getty/GMB]

Veganism should be treated as a religion, journalist Liz Jones argued today on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

A vegan diet means avoiding animal products including meat, eggs and dairy. You can also buy vegan beauty products and vegan fashion, which do not contain animal materials or animal-derived ingredients.

And while veganism is on the up in the UK, with the number of vegans increasing by 360% in the past decade, Liz believes it needs to go one step further.

She told Piers Morgan: “It’s a deeply held belief, it’s a passion I believe in not making others suffer. I believe in the most vulnerable members of our society, which is farm animals, should be treated with respect.

“People like me are always ridiculed. We ridicule Suffragettes, we ridicule civil rights movement, this is the next big movement. It’s more important than Brexit, this is the debate about the future of the planet and how we treat the animals we share it with.’

“It’s animals, I love animals. I believe a religion isn’t so much about a god, it’s about respecting others.”

She was subsequently ridiculed by Twitter users for her statement.

And while a vegan user understood where Liz was coming from, her ‘religion’ comments still proved controversial.

While claiming veganism as your religious belief might be a bit of a jump, those who decide to follow a vegan diet choose to for a number of reasons including better health, weight loss and a longer life.

A spokesperson for The Vegan Society made clear to Yahoo UK that veganism is a “protected belief, not a region, under the Equality Act 2010.”

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