Vegan shares 'shameful' pizza she was served when Pizza Express ran out of dairy-free cheese

One vegan customer was shocked when their order arrived [Photo: Mary Nesbitt-Larking]

According to a recent study, increasing numbers of Brits are choosing to go vegan with more than 3.5 million of us now leading a plant-based lifestyle. In order to keep up, well-known chains such as Domino’s and Magnum have recently launched dairy-free products in keeping with the rise in demand.

Sadly, one vegan customer was disappointed to find that Pizza Express isn’t quite on par.

Last month, Mary Nesbitt-Larking visited her local restaurant in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and ordered one of the chain’s vegan pizzas.

Unfortunately, she was informed that the kitchen had run out of vegan cheese but without wishing to change her order, the 26-year-old simply requested a pizza without. Instead, she asked for pine nuts and onions as alternate toppings.

But when the £9 meal arrived, it’s safe to say she was less than impressed.

Not only had the kitchen forgotten to add pine nuts but had topped the tomato sauce-laden pizza with raw red onions.

She later took to Facebook to share an image of the meal alongside the caption: “Throwback to this monstrosity at Pizza Express in Hatfield. They were out of vegan cheese and forgot my pine nuts.”

Unsurprisingly, social media users promptly took to the now-viral post to share their thoughts on the dish.

One wrote: “Yuck, I would have asked for a refund. That is awful.”

While another shared a similar experience in the comments [sic], “I had similar exp. Pizza base covered in a thick layer of Basil. I called them, demanded a refund, they took back offensive pizza with them, which actually looked as though a cow had backed up and dropped a load!”

Would you send this pizza back to the kitchen? [Photo: Mary Nesbitt-Larking]

Nesbitt-Larking told Femail: “Vegan food options are amazing and Pizza Express are incredible usually, it was just that one time they failed so epically.”

“It was so awkward because I’d waited over an hour and at that point I would have eaten anything as long as it was vegan,” she continued. “It tasted like undercooked flat bread with a whole tin of tomatoes over it that were really sour and had raw, red onions on top.”

But Nesbitt-Larking hasn’t been put off by the experience and has been invited by the restaurant to trial Pizza Express’ new vegan menu as an apologetic gesture.

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