A £5 vegan Easter egg has been named joint top best egg in blind taste test

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Which Easter eggs came out on top in the Good Housekeeping taste test? (Getty)
Which Easter eggs came out on top in the Good Housekeeping taste test? (Getty)

Asda’s £5 vegan Easter egg has come joint top in a blind taste test - beating off many traditional and more expensive rivals.

Shops have barely been cleared of the heart-shaped chocolates left over from Valentine’s Day, but thoughts are already turning to Easter with shelves already stocking up on Easter eggs.

But with so much choice on offer, it is difficult to know what to opt for.

Thankfully, the experts at Good Housekeeping have conducted their annual taste test to bring you the best options for the seasonal treats.

And you might be surprised by the results.

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(Good Housekeeping)
(Good Housekeeping)

Judges gave top marks to Asda’s Extra Special Free-From and Vegan Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Truffles, which is not only dairy, but also gluten free.

While some might assume that a vegan egg could mean compromising on taste, the blind test is an indication that isn’t necessarily the cast.

“Tasters couldn't get enough of the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with hidden crunchy cocoa nibs and loved the deliciously gooey truffles that come with it,” the Good Housekeeping Institute said of the vegan egg.

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(Good Housekeeping)
(Good Housekeeping)

As well as being tasty, Asda’s free-from egg is purse-friendly too, costing just £5 for a 200g egg.

For those currently wrinkling their nose at the thought of a vegan Easter egg, two other eggs were also awarded joint top spot.

Marks & Spencer Extra Thick Blonde and White Chocolate Egg, at £12 for 500g was also found to be a winner when it comes to taste, as was an artisan creation from The Chocolate Libertine's Honeycomb Beehive Egg with Honeycomb nuggets, costing a whopping £69.99 for 1.05 kgs.

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(Good Housekeeping)
(Good Housekeeping)

The consumer tasting panel tasted 31 different eggs, which were shortlisted from 105, across categories such as milk chocolate, free from, dark chocolate, white chocolate and kids chocolate.

Collectively, these three best Easter eggs have knocked artisan brand Booja-Booja off the top spot, ending the chocolatier's three-year winning streak.

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