You can now buy Creme Egg and Mini Egg tins

The tins are now available on Cadbury website. [Photo: Cadbury]
The tins are now available on Cadbury website. [Photo: Cadbury]

We’ve just got over the giant tins of Celebrations available at Christmas time and now we’re getting another chocolate-covered treat.

Come Easter (as if we’re going to wait) after we’ve demolished the six-pack of Creme Eggs, we’ll be able to go straight for the tin.

Weighing a staggering 401g, Cadbury’s has launched its giant tin of Creme Eggs and we’re salivating at the thought.

The tins cost £6 and they were so popular they’ve already sold out. Don’t panic, they’re coming back in stock this week.

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Because Cadbury’s loves us, it’s also launching a Mini Egg tin.

The Creme Egg tin is filled with eight full-size eggs and a bag of mini Creme Eggs and the Mini Egg tin contains 10 32g bags of our favourite Easter treats.

The catch is that buying the same amount of sweet treats in the shop would work out cheaper.

You can get the same amount of Creme Eggs for £3.65 and the same amount of Mini Eggs for £3.

You do get the reusable tin and the satisfaction of being well and truly on the bandwagon, though.

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Not keen on the idea? Well, there are plenty of other exciting chocolate-based launches hitting our shops, too.

For the first time ever, a dark chocolate Bourneville Easter bunny will be available. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing, there will also be a Dairy Milk bunny bar on offer.

We’ll also see a Choco-latte egg for the first time. This blend of chocolate, coffee cream and digestive pieces was created after Callum Clogher, who entered the Cadbury Go Madbury competition in 2019, came up with the idea.

We have one thing to say to you Callum: Thank you.

If you’ve got a better idea for a chocolate bar, Cadbury’s are re-opening the competition for 2020.

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