Calling all chocolate fans, Cadbury is set to launch a mint flavoured Flake

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Rumour has it, Cadbury is set to launch a mint version of its Flake [Photo: Hot UK deals]

Chocolate fanatics cannot contain their excitement with speculation rife that Cadbury is set to launch a mint flavoured Flake.

The refreshing version of the world-renowned bar is widely believed to be on sale in Scotland after a photograph of the treat emerged online, with news first breaking on forum Hot UK Deals.

According to multiple sources, the mint flavoured Flake is rumoured to be coming to the rest of the UK soon.

Cadbury has yet to comment on the launch but that hasn’t stopped self-confessed chocolate fans from spreading the joy online.

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One Twitter user wrote, “Take my money mint Flake. Take my money right now!”

Another pledged to visit Scotland in the hope of bagging a couple of bars, adding: “Might take a trip this weekend to get them.”

“Sounds mint that,” a third joked.

It’s not the only great news for Twirl obsessives across the nation, as there is also an orange version of the chocolate pick-me-up in the works.

Thanks to a fruity glow-up, the Cadbury treat is destined to be the Christmas telly snack of choice this festive season.

Bring it on.

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