USWNT’s Ashlyn Harris files for divorce from Ali Krieger

USWNT’s Ashlyn Harris files for divorce from Ali Krieger

Ashlyn Harris has filed for divorce from Ali Krieger after nearly four years of marriage.

According to court documents retrieved from Seminole County Clerk’s website, the ex-goalkeeper for the United States women’s national team acted on 19 September to officially file for divorce. Per an ESPN report, Harris, 37, and Krieger, 39, are required to come up with a parenting plan they’re both comfortable with to raise their two adopted children, a two year old and a one year old.

The soccer duo was first acquainted in 2010 while playing for the USNT. By 2019, Harris and Krieger were engaged, tying the knot on 28 December that same year. Speaking to People ahead of their nuptials, Harris reflected on how she and Krieger went from teammates to partners.

“We always sat next to each other on the bus and on flights, and we kind of just talked about our dreams and our hopes and what we wanted to do one day when we grew up,” she confessed. “Because at the time, we were kids.”

“The rest has kind of been history. Here we are nine years later, and we’re going to be getting married this year,” Harris continued.

Their wedding was held in Florida, shortly after they defeated the Netherlands women’s national football team in the 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup Final. For the happy couple, saying “I do” in front of their close friends and family was essential, especially since they’d hid their relationship for so long before.

“This will be the first time in our relationship where all of our friends, all of our family are going to come together to be one and to celebrate us on a completely different level,” Harris told People.

“I think so much of our support from our family and friends have been through soccer and this is just so much more meaningful, in my opinion, to be celebrated for love and acceptance and inclusion, that’s so major in the world we live in now,” she went on to say.

In pictures from the event, Harris could be seen donning a beaded suit jacket, matching shorts, a bowtie, tall socks, and high-top sneakers all adorned with shimmery fringe. Meanwhile, Krieger looked regal in a chic long-sleeve white gown with stitched floral embellishments.

But while the two were all smiles on the big day, their first year of marriage wasn’t seamless. Krieger took to Instagram in 2020 to honour their first wedding anniversary with a slew of photos from their wedding and a cadid caption.

“Our first year of marriage got very v weird, but we made it through together - crying, smiling and laughing through the difficult moments and sharing an even closer bond than ever before,” Krieger wrote.

The professional athlete pair adopted their daughter in 2021 and their son in 2022.