Dad goes viral after soothing baby to sleep by placing a vibrator in her cot

A dad has delighted the Internet with his sex toy parenting hack [Photo: Caters News Agency]

A dad has delighted the Internet by revealing the unusual parenting hack he uses to get his baby daughter to sleep – by placing her mum’s vibrator in her cot.

As any parent will likely testify you’ll literally try anything to get your baby to sleep. And when jigging, rocking, feeding and changing their nappy doesn’t work, it could be time to turn to unconventional methods and maybe even give sex toys a go.

Laura Bentley, 33, from the Gold Coast, Australia, admits she almost “choked on her tea” after discovering husband Brad’s method of using a vibrator to keep their 10-week-old daughter Lucie’s bassinet gently shaking.

Taking to Instagram to share an image of little Lucie fast asleep in her cot with a bright pink sex toy placed under her cuddly blanket/soft toy, Laura jokingly explained about her husband’s unique trick.

“When husband puts the baby to bed,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “He used a non conventional sleep aid today and it worked surprisingly well.”

Baby Lucie fast asleep with the vibrator [Photo: Caters News Agency]

Like many babies, Lucie sleeps well in the car, so her parents had been trying to replicate the constant vibration when she’s at home.

Speaking about the clever hack Laura, who runs her own business with Brad, 34, alongside an Instagram blog Attempting to Mum, said: “Lucie is baby number four so we are used to it by now, but she does not do very well at day sleeps.

“We’ve found to put her down, we have to literally stand behind her rocking the bassinet to replicate the movement of the car.

“On Monday, I was at the gym and Brad got done with spending 20 minutes rocking the bassinet, so he decided force the process and thought ‘what can I use to make the vibrations’.

“He had to go digging for it, I had no idea where it was because we’ve just had a baby!

“I came home, and he just said ‘I used the vibrator to get the baby to sleep’.

“The thing is, it sent her to sleep straight away! It’s amazing and works so well.

“It’s now more inconspicuously hidden in the bassinet, but we’re still using it.”

Mum-of-four Laura Bentley shared the image of the unusual hack to Instagram [Photo: Caters News Agency]

Laura was a little worried about sharing the picture in case others didn’t see the funny side, but said overall the reaction to the hack has been amazing.

“There have been a few negative Nancys out there, but mostly it’s been completely positive.

“When you have a child, you will literally do everything you can to get them to sleep.

“Afterwards Brad spent some time Googling vibrating motors so we could come up with another similar method, which wasn’t a sex toy.

“But other parenting blogs suggest it as well and it’s even in an episode of Sex and the City.”

Fans of the show will remember the hilarious moment a vibrating chair fails to keep Miranda’s baby Brady asleep, so Samantha whips out her vibrator to place in his bed – and it works like a dream, literally!

It isn’t the first time a sex toy has been used as a make-shift parenting hack.

Towards the end of last year a young mum suffering from mastitis, a condition which causes a mother’s breast tissue to become inflamed, revealed that she uses a vibrator to help unblock her milk ducts.

Earlier this year another dad’s parenting hack that allows him to breastfeed his daughter took the Internet by storm.

Anthony Favors, a 31-year-old chef from New York was having trouble figuring out how to feed his daughter, so he came up with a simple, yet clever trick, which allows him to ‘nurse’ his baby daughter while her mum is at work.

The dad of five cut small hole in his shirt and poked the teat of a bottle filled with his wife’s breast milk through the gap to create a ‘functional boob’.

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