Student suffers hilarious upside-down swimsuit mishap

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Lyndsey Brown, pictured alone (right) and with friends ahead of her swimsuit mishap. [Photo: Instagram]

An unfortunate student was left red-faced after she accidentally put her swimsuit on upside down.

Lyndsey Brown, a fashion student, was partying with friends in Ocean Beach club in Ibiza when the mishap occurred.

Telling Twitter about the embarrassing faux pas, she explained she went to the toilet midway through her partying – and returned wearing just the tiny shoulder strap of her swimsuit on her bottom half to protect her modesty.

To make matters worse, she got “chucked out” of the club, according to her friend Emma’s account on Twitter.

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However, Lyndsey suggests in a later tweet this was because she was drunk – rather than her outfit mishap.

The worst part? Lyndsey didn’t realise what she had done – and complained to the swimwear manufacturer, Scottish-based brand Pear Swimwear.

In the Instagram messaging exchange that followed – also shared by Lyndsey’s friend Emma – the customer team then went on to explain her mistake, helpfully advising that the “thinnest part” of the costume should sit on her shoulder.


However, Lyndsey seems to have seen the funny side – taking to Twitter to tell the story in her own words.

She later retweeted a post reading “It’s only embarrassing if you’re embarrassed”.

While Lyndsey’s swimsuit mishap may have revealed more than she intended, some customers actively seek to emulate a similar look.

Earlier this year, one mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet after spotting an advertisement for the ‘front thong bodysuit’ on her social media.

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“It popped up as an ad on my Facebook. I understand the bodysuit trends, but surely this would result in being split entirely in two, or the world’s worst front wedgie,” she wrote.

In another instance, an extremely revealing one-piece swimsuit sent the internet into meltdown.