Shoppers mock Fashion Nova for 'impractical' underboob bikini

Anyone else confused by Fashion Nova's latest bikini? [Photo: Fashion Nova/Instagram]
Anyone else confused by Fashion Nova's latest bikini? [Photo: Fashion Nova/Instagram]

From ultra hip-grazing bikini bottoms made famous by the supermodel set to barely-there costumes, swimwear trends has certainly changed in recent years.

But shoppers aren’t convinced by Fashion Nova’s latest must-have for SS19.

Priced at $34.99 (approximately £27), the ‘Euphoria Bikini’ is particularly revealing ensemble designed to showcase the erm, underboob.

Taking to Instagram to reveal their latest beach-ready gear, the online retailer wrote: “Do You Have Your Sexiest Summer Suit Like This #NovaBabe Does?”

Despite gathering over 94,00 likes, a number of social media users decided the look was a step too far for even the most daring of fashion followers.

“So what happens if she does a cannon ball in the pool?” one joked.

While a second Instagram user also pointed out the impracticalities of the look, as they commented: “This suit is made to take pictures in, not to actually swim or sunbathe”.

“Can you imagine going on holiday with your family and wearing this!” another added.

Good point.

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Other followers were more disappointed in the brand for portraying unrealistic body standards.

“I used to love Fashion Nova but most of their products are not as ‘affordable’, as they used to be and the sponsors/advertisers set extremely unrealistic body standards,” one wrote. “I'm sad to unfollow them, but I know I have a perfectly healthy body and I only feel not good enough when looking through their feed.”

“Another Insta, another unrealistic expectation. Brilliant,” a second wrote.

”I think I’m starting to understand girls’ issues with their self esteem when they are blasted with these photoshopped, angled, filtered pictures,” another added.

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Though it’s not the first bizarre swimwear trend of the season, as American brand Shinesty divided the Internet with denim-inspired bikinis aptly dubbed the ‘jeankini’.

What do you make of Fashion Nova’s latest fashion faux-pas?

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