The up do: How to master the hair look of the season

Forget tumbling locks and touselled waves, the up do is back for the winter.

Experts are predicting we’ll see celebs sporting the classic up do this party season, but with a 21st century twist bringing it bang up to date.

“As the nostalgic trend continues, retro hairstyles from each and every decade will see a revival but with a modern twist,” predicts Katie Hamburger, a member of The Edge creative team at Regis Salons.

“The 1940s roll, as seen most recently on Kimberley Walsh and Scarlett Johansson, will be a huge hit this Christmas for timeless glamour, as well as more complex styles featuring the finger wave as seen on Leigh Lezark.”

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The great unwashed

Although the thought of unwashed hair on a big night out might not appeal, the slippery nature of freshly-washed hair makes skipping the shampoo – albeit just for one night – worthwhile.  “You should always try to work with unwashed hair when creating an up do as the natural oils add texture and hold,” explains Katie Hamburger.

“If you aren’t able to do this then Wella SP Refine Texture is great for adding extra texture on-the-go. Before styling, try to use a heat-protecting spray to save your hair from styling tools and to create extra hold. A light hairspray is also an absolute essential. My other handy tip is to carry a comb and a mini hairspray in your handbag to refresh your style throughout the evening in case it falls.”

Let’s go retro

Luckily, some of the more popular styles will also be the most simple. “Effortless Bardot-inspired up dos like the pony will make a comeback as easy office-to-bar transition styles,” says Katie Hamburger.

To get this look, condition of the hair and the products used are equally important. “Work with unwashed hair or add a small amount of texturising spray,” says Katie.

“Then split the hair into two sections, leaving a couple of strands loose at the front to frame the face. Taking inch-sized sections, begin to plait towards the back of your head.

“Roll the entire plait up towards the top of the head and pin it into place. Remember to tuck the end out of view.”

Bouffant style

Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton is another firm believer that the up dos of the future will be heavily influenced by yesteryear.

“The bodacious volume has a real chic finish that guarantees wow-factor,” Andrew says of the Bridgette Bardot look that inspires celebs such as Adele.

Andrew’s top tip? “Focus on volume at the top of your head starting at the temple and tapering off at the back. Focus on the horse shoe section from temple to crown and backcomb the roots. The hair can then be pulled back into a pony tail or left loose to finish the look.”

”Volume is a key trend for AW13 as seen on the catwalks of Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana and it works brilliantly for the party season with a little LBD or skinny jeans and a killer heel,” says Andrew.

“Styling your hair is a simple way to update your look and by adding volume you can transform your appearance by creating an illusion of thick hair with simple tricks. It's great for people with naturally curly or frizzy hair as rather than trying to flatten or straighten big hair it's a chance for them to take advantage of the big hair they were graced with. The bigger, the better!”

Bring on the backcombing

Believers of this theory will need to master the art of backcombing. “Using a back combing brush, take a two-inch section at the front of the head from the fringe area and lift and back brush down the hair until the hair stands up,” says Andrew.

“Repeat this technique from front to nape and then down both sides. With back brushing complete, smooth over with the same brush and spritz shine spray over the hair.

“Now with the hands gently pull the hair back into a ponytail either high on top at the crown or in the nape of the neck secure with a ponytail band. With the ponytail secured pin the tail under and hide it with hair grips. Finally add another spritz of hair spray to hold the hair in place all night long.”

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However it’s not all about bouffants and back coming – plaits, albeit incorporated into up dos – will also be popular.

“Nicole Scherzinger’s braided up do is my favourite celebrity look at the moment,” says Charles Worthington session stylist Marc Trinder. “The way her braids are so clean and symmetrical looks so cool and contemporary. 

Experimenting with different braids is great as it adds such huge variety to this simple up do.” Marc’s advice?  “Less is more.  Don't over complicate things by braiding too many sections. Keep it simple but also clean and polished.  It will ooze style and perfection if the sections are clean, smooth and glossy - just like Nicole's. And if we can look just a little bit like the former Pussycat Doll, we’ll be very happy indeed.

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