Iconic BBC comedy series to return to screens - 36yrs after first episode

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One of the BBC's most iconic sitcoms is returning to screens -Credit:Bloomberg via Getty Images

One of the BBC's most iconic comedies is to return with a series of new episodes - and the same cast it had when it launched back in the 80s.

Cult sci-fi classic Red Dwarf is coming back to TV with yet more space adventures, 35 years after it first made stars of Chris Barrie, Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules.

Robert Llewellyn, who played robot Kryten in the show, told the British Comedy Guide: "We knew we were going to do more Red Dwarf and we're actually now doing it in the middle of October to the middle of November this year.

"A 90-minute special, three half-hours. So yes, we are making more." He added: "I can't believe I've agreed to do it, I'm insane. I'm much too old."

Red Dwarf cast pic
Red Dwarf, a huge hit in the 80s and 90s, will now return -Credit:BBC

The cult classic sci-fi series created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor first aired on BBC2 in 1988 but in recent years has been airing new episodes on retro channel Dave, last appearing in 2020.

It's not known on which broadcaster the new episodes will air but fans are already delighted that it is coming back, with one writing: "This makes me very happy indeed." Another called it the "best news in ages!"

Red Dwarf was a huge hit for the BBC throughout the 90s, showcasing the space adventures of Dave Lister, played by Craig Charles, who wakes up after three million years in suspended animation to find out the rest of the crew on his ship were killed.

This leaves him alone in outer space except for the hologram of his former bunkmate Rimmer, the ship's computer Holly, android Kryten, and a creature evolved from what was his pet cat, played by Strictly star Danny John-Jules.

There is also a Red Dwarf spin-off in the works. Rob Grant revealed in November that he was developing a prequel featuring a young Rimmer and young Lister with 2point4 Children creator Andrew Marshall.

He told the Radio Times: "I can't say too much, but it's a prequel and we're very excited about it. Hopefully we'll see it soon."