Britain's Got Talent fans 'figure out' time-travelling couple's magic trick

Britain's Got Talent featured an incredible magic trick on Saturday's show as couple Jay and Joss went to the future
Britain's Got Talent fans are convinced they have 'figured out' a couple's magic act -Credit:ITV

Saturday's episode of Britain's Got Talent showcased an awe-inspiring magic trick by couple Jay and Joss, who took the audience on a journey to the future. The magic and illusionist duo performed a wedding-themed routine that left judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli completely stunned.

However, some fans believe they have 'figured out' the trick as they took to social media to debunk it. During the episode, which also saw Bruno later press his golden buzzer, the couple began their audition by sharing the story of how they met at the world's largest magic convention.

It was followed by a heartwarming clip from their 2019 engagement and subsequent wedding four years later. However, they confessed they hadn't yet had their honeymoon.

In a twist, Jay and Joss asked the judges for help with a balloon. Each judge was tasked with providing a date, month and year for the couple's future honeymoon.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Bruno Tonioli and Alesha Dixon on BGT
The judges were ask to pick details at random, which later showed up in a video the couple played -Credit:ITV

Simon chose the 7th, Amanda selected August, and Alesha picked 2025. Bruno then shook the balloon, which popped to reveal a note with the date 07/08/2025.

Alesha was asked to guess the amount they would spend on their honeymoon, humorously suggesting it would be Simon's money, and she guessed £7,700.50. Amanda was asked to choose a hotel room number and went with 127, while Simon was tasked with selecting a celebrity friend to entertain them, choosing Nicole Scherzinger.

Finally, Simon had to pick a destination from a series of tags with strings, and he selected Blackpool. After the 'completely random' selections, the duo claimed they could fast-forward to a specific date, year, and location in a blink of an eye.

They then clicked their fingers, and a video played showing their future honeymoon. The camera zoomed in on a newspaper displaying the date 7 August 2025. They then revealed a piece of paper with £7,700.50 written on it, followed by mentioning a room number before the number 127 appeared in their coffee.

The couple then took a stroll outside to Blackpool, passing a bus with Nicole Scherzinger's face on it. Both the judges and audience were left gobsmacked, calling it "impossible".

During feedback, where the duo received four yeses, judge Simon Cowell exclaimed: "I swear none of it was planned in advance, it's just blown my mind! ".

But BGT viewers took to X to guess how the trick was performed, as one user tweeted: "Isn't video editing magic #bgt #britainsgottalent', as another echoed: "The third member of this act is the chap on the video editor. #bgt".

A third wrote: "Anything with video, external content can all be altered by a team off camera. Nah. #BGT."

However, other viewers were absolutely astounded by the magic act, with one tweeting: "My mind is blown. HOW do they do that! ! ! I have literal goosebumps #BGT", another penned: "Those magicians were incredible! #bgt" and someone else chimed in with: "Golden buzzer time! #BGT."