Unusual baby name sparks debate

A mum has shared her unusual baby name choice. Photo: Getty
A mum has shared her unusual baby name choice. Photo: Getty

A mum has sparked debate online after revealing the unusual baby name she and her fiancé are thinking of choosing for their baby girl.

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed woman explains that both her and her partner have multicultural backgrounds and they want a name that will sound nice in multiple languages.

“He’s Indonesian and Dutch, and I’m Dutch and American, which means that whatever names we choose need to sound good in each of our languages,” she wrote.

“Many of the traditional English names I love are no-goes for this reason, because they sound beautiful in one language and awful in another.”

She said they found a name they “unexpectedly” both love, although it is a little unconventional. The name they are leaning towards for their baby girl is Vesper.

“[It] means evening star. It has a special meaning to us due to an old family story, and we love how it sounds,” she explained.

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She goes on to say she has two concerns – she’s worried that it will date quickly, despite a Bond girl having the name Vesper Lynd, and her husband’s surname also starts with a ‘V’.

“If she gets only his name, she’ll be Vesper Vernon. Is this too much? If she takes both our names, she’d be Vesper Walker Vernon,” she said.

“Any input is appreciated. Other names we like are Hannah, Philippa (Pip), and Caroline, if that helps.”

The name Vesper sparked some debate online. Photo: Getty
The name Vesper sparked some debate online. Photo: Getty

Some people admitted it made them think of an actual Vespa – an Italian brand of scooter.

Personally, it’s not my favourite. My first thought was a vespa,” one person said.

And a few just didn’t like the name at all.

Personally I’m not a fan. It reminds me of a vespa that they use in Europe. Google tells me it’s also a cocktail,” was one comment.

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“I really dislike it. I think it would be great as a middle name, but Vesper Vernon sounds like a comic book character to me, and not in a good way,” was another response.

Others however loved the name, with some even saying they had considered it themselves.

I think Vesper is lovely. Vesper Vernon sounds like a superhero,” one person wrote.

I love Vesper, I think the alliteration is cute,” another said.

I considered Vesper for my daughter because me and husband both love Bond films.”

I really love Vesper, and I think if you love the name you should go for it regardless.”

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