Unlocked on Netflix: Ending explained

netflix unlocked ending explained
Ending explained: UnlockedNetflix/YouTube

If you're into dark, Netflix thrillers, then the streaming service's latest edition, Unlocked, will be right up your street. In short, it follows a young woman, Lee Na-ii (Chun Woo-hee), whose smartphone is hacked by a serial killer, Oh Jun-yeong (Im Si-wan). Soon, he begins to track her every move, and it leads to a tense and deadly cat-and-mouse chase to try and stop him before it's too late.

But if you've already watched the film set in South Korea's capital, Seoul, you probably have some questions about *that* finale. Because we know we did. So, here's everything we know about the ending of Unlocked.

Who is Jun-yeong?

Jun-yeong acts as the antagonist (i.e serial killer) who viewers learn has several disguises throughout (and who's not actually called Jun-yeong - but we'll get to that later). He's a pro hacker and begins to stalk Na-mi after installing spyware on her phone.

During the film, he learns all about Na-mi's life by reading every text conversation, listening to her phone calls, and watching her through the phone camera. At this point, he also starts to frequently 'bump' into her in real life.

Whilst this is happening, a police detective called Woo Ji-man (Kim Hee-won) (Jun-yeong's estranged father) begins uncovering bodies in a location his son used to frequent. He starts to believe that he had something to do with the murders, so checks his wife's phone, only to find she has been texting their son.

From the phone, he finds his son's address and heads to his apartment. There, he discovers pages of notes and multiple smartphones - all of which have screensavers of the deceased people. Plus, the same plant food that was buried with the bodies.

Ji-man starts to film the evidence to prove his son was responsible for the crimes. However, Jun-yeong returns home to find his father going through his things. Rather than confronting him, he begins to tease him by sending a photo of his location outside his apartment, to which Ji-man heads outside to check.

Jun-yeong then enters the property, giving him enough time to destroy all of the evidence and leave.

Jun-Yeong still stalks Na-Mi

Back to Na-mi, and Jun-yeong is still running into her out and about. In one scene, he pretends to be an IT office worker and bonds with her over her interests. He also tells Na-mi that he frequently visits her father's cafe.

Despite Na-mi getting on with Jun-yeong, her father has his suspicions and warns his daughter that he thinks he's dangerous.

However, Jun-yeong has heard this conversation through the phone and so he heads to Na-mi's father's home. Proceeding to tie him up, set up surveillance cameras, and use the property as a new base, he starts to sabotage her life by getting her fired from her job and making her friends fall out with her.

At this point, Na-mi realises she has been hacked, so enlists the help of Jun-yeong (yep, we know!!) who she thinks is a friendly IT guy.

Ji-Man is after his son, Jun-Yeong

Meanwhile, Ji-man and his partner find Jun-yeong's IT centre, where he pretended to fix Na-mi's phone at the start. They bump into her whilst there, and Ji-man reveals that Jun-yeong isn't who he says he is. So, the three decide to join forces to catch him.

Na-mi calls Jun-yeong and asks him to come over to her apartment. Ji-man and his partner go too, waiting outside to confront him. However, Ji-man doesn't recognise Jun-yeong to be his son, and viewers realise that he's seen people waiting for him, so heads back to Na-mi's father's place.

The police end up driving Na-mi to the same property, thinking she'll be safe there, and ask her to contact them regularly to update them on how she's doing. However, Jun-yeong forces her to text them to tell them she's OK before tying her up in the bathtub and waterboarding her next to her father.

He then takes a photo of her and makes it her screensaver, which suggests things are about to get even darker.

netflix unlocked ending explained

Jun-Yeong is caught - or is he?

Na-mi was one step ahead of Jun-yeong and knew that he would be watching her, so instructed the police not to text her - only to call. Ji-man and his partner then arrive on the scene and catch Jun-yeong, and he begins to beat his son.

In another plot twist, Ji-man then learns that he's not actually his father. Looking at the smartphones, he realises that they're all numbered in the order that 'Jun-yeong' has murdered his victims. He notices his son tied up and tortured on one of them, revealing that the serial killer has decided to live as one of his victims in order to evade being caught.

Turns out that the reason Ji-man had been estranged from his son for so many years was because he was dead - not due to an argument. What's even heavier, is that Jun-yeong's mother believed she was talking to her son for all this time. But in fact, it was his killer...

Unlocked is now streaming on Netflix.

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