Ulrika Jonsson shares relatable message about menopause

The presenter went on a rant about her breasts on Instagram. [Photo: Getty]
The presenter went on a rant about her breasts on Instagram. [Photo: Getty]

Sometimes we just need a good rant.

It seemed that’s how Ulrika Jonsson was feeling on Friday when she posted a caption on Instagram moaning about her breasts.

The long caption was accompanied with a picture of boobs of all different shapes of sizes.

She blamed her menopause for her “inflated” breasts admitting that now her boobs have shrunk post-menopause her “paracetamols won’t fit in the hammock”.

The presenter, 52, said she “hated her breasts before they arrived” in an honest but humorous post highlighting the realities of the ever-changing body of a woman.

She described them as “unexpectedly big” when she was younger: “So much so that they would often enter a room minutes before I did and made me feel fat and cumbersome.”

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She decided to undergo breast reduction surgery in 2009 and asked for a “Kate Moss”.

“And now, I’ve unintentionally, unexpectedly lost weight and went to be measured for a new bra because my paracetamols won’t fill the hammock I’m currently wearing, only to be told I’m a nightmare size because I’m tiny but need a big cup because I’ve “lost volume”.” She continued.

She finished her message by saying: “But seriously, tits. You get on my tits. I wanted to cry in the changing rooms. With all that excess skin and stupid bra measurement.”

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Her post struck a chord with many people, with some Instagram users sharing how they, too, have struggled with their breasts over the years.

“I’ve cried so many times in bra fitting rooms.” One woman said.

Another said: “No one knows how to feel except you, it’s a personal thing, but luckily there’s more to life for you than tits.”

To which Jonsson replied: “Said not many women ever.”

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Her message has highlighted some of the lesser known symptoms of menopause.

Many people associate going through this period with hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings but there are many other lesser known symptoms to think about.

Breast pain, tenderness and changes in size are part of the experience for many women.

Itchy skin, vaginal dryness and toothache are all symptoms many women experience too.

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She’s not the only one to open up about the realities of menopause lately. It’s a discussion which has been touched on by the likes of Lorraine Kelly.

She recently opened up about how her menopause caused to her to feel as though she was “losing control” and triggered “unbearable” anxiety.

The topic seemed to go down well with Jonsson’s 49,000 followers, although a lot of people commented to ask her to be appreciative that she has hers, with some of her followers losing them to breast cancer.

To that, she replied: “I empathise, but I’m still allowed to hate my breasts.”

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