10 of the best menopause relief products

These products could help to reduce the symptoms of menopause. [Photo: Getty]
These products could help to reduce the symptoms of menopause. [Photo: Getty]

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From hot flushes and night sweats to vaginal dryness and mood swings, the menopause is a tricky time in a woman’s life.

The menopause occurs when a woman’s oestrogen levels decline and her ovaries stop releasing an egg every month. This signals the end of periods and leaves a woman unable to get pregnant naturally.

While most suffer between 45 and 55 years old, one in 100 women start the menopause at under 40. A lucky few manage to escape without much discomfort. However, almost all women battle symptoms as they go through ‘the change’, with one in 10 even enduring the discomfort for up to 12 years.

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Most endure symptoms for around four years, including insomnia, anxiety and low libido to name a few.

Many turn to controversial treatments like hormone replacement therapy, which aims to relieve menopausal symptoms by giving the body doses of oestrogen - others may resort to cold showers, handheld fans and supplements available on the high street to help ward off hot flushes.

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Ahead of tomorrow’s World Menopause Day, here are 10 top-rated products that could make ‘the change’ a bit more bearable.

1. Menopace Plus from Amazon | £11.96

2. LadyCare Menopause Magnet from Boots | £35

3. MenoCool Tablets from Holland & Barrett | £5.49

4. Anti-Flush Night Dress from Become | £44.95

5. Libido + Energy Boost Supplement from Cult Beauty | £32

6. Wellwoman 50+ from Boots | £10.50

7. Sage Tablets from Amazon | £11.99

8. Water Based Natural Lubricant from Holland & Barrett | £7.49

9. Mini Handheld Fan Portable from Amazon | £11.79

10. Rosian & Levine Magnetic Healing Bracele from Amazon | £20.99

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