One of the UK's oldest women shares secret to long and happy life

Dinkie Flowers, one of the UK's oldest women. (SWNS)
Dinkie Flowers, one of the UK's oldest women, believes she has the answer to a long and happy life. (SWNS)

One of the UK’s oldest women has revealed the secret to a long life as she gears up to celebrate her 102nd birthday.

Dinkie Flowers will turn 102 this May. The mother-of-one was born in 1921, just three years after the end of the first world war.

She has lived through 21 prime ministers and when she was born, George V was on the throne – meaning she's lived through the reign of five monarchs.

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Now, Flowers has revealed the key to her longevity – and says it’s down to sunshine and dancing.

“Dancing has helped keep me healthy, everyone should do something, they shouldn’t be on their bottom all day,” Flowers explains.

“I’ll do a little bit of dancing, I can’t stop dancing you see – if my friends would like to dance, they can join in, but they might feel a bit stupid as it’s not just ordinary dancing, you have to know what you’re doing.

Dinkie Flowers dancing (SWNS)
Dinkie Flowers credits sunshine and dancing to her longevity. (SWNS)

“I recommend dancing and moving to stay fit and healthy, not sitting down all day, I couldn’t do that – dancing keeps you alive and dancing and being in the sun makes me happy.”

Flowers is a former pro-dancer and was the first British acrobatic skater – and has travelled the world demonstrating her incredible skills, including performing in Baghdad and in front of Prince Phillip.

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Ahead of her 102nd birthday, Flowers hopes to raise money for a local charity The Gateway Hub, who provide support to the local community and is looking forward to celebrating the day with a tea party organised by her carer Lesley.

“Dancing is my life, I love it,” Flowers says, “I’m raising the money for charity because it’s a local charity and I like to do it.”

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You can find more information about Flower’s fundraising efforts here:

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