Couple who wed as teens share secret to 28-year marriage

Sabrina and Jon Humber on their wedding day as they share the secret to a decades long marriage. (SWNS)
Sabrina and Jon Humber have shared the secret to their 28-year marriage. (SWNS)

A couple who got married when they were teenagers and who were told by relatives that it would “never last” have shared their secret to their 28-year marriage.

Sabrina Humber, 44, and her husband Jon, 46, got married when they were just 17 and 19 after they met in March 1995 and moved in together just two months later in May 1995.

The couple were pregnant by August 1996 and got married in November that year. Nearly three decades on, they now have four children and two grandchildren.

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“Several members of both sides of our families said that it would never last, we were too young and they'd give it six months,” Humber says.

“Thankfully we managed to prove them wrong and we sit here today thankful that we did.”

Sharing the secret to their decades-long union, Humber says it’s best to marry your best friend and to avoid intense arguments.

Sabrina and Jon Humber with their children and grandchildren. (SWNS)
Sabrina and Jon now have four kids and two grandchildren. (SWNS)

“We don’t have blazing rows,” she explains. “We've both had our moments, don't get me wrong. But there's never been shouting at each other from the bedroom windows and throwing clothes out – and we’ve always been faithful. I didn't want my kids to be brought up in a volatile relationship.

“There have been times where we've disagreed but I think if you just have a discussion about it, and don't sort of keep things bottled up, nine times out of 10 you know, you'll come to a resolution – whether it's a compromise or finding a common ground.”

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Humber adds that spending quality time together helps to keep their relationship strong.

“We like to sometimes go out, to our local pub or for afternoon tea in local towns,” she continues.

“We just try and spend time together and you know, we enjoy watching films and stuff like that, we’ve got a very similar taste. We’re together more than we’re apart.

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“Find your best friend. If you can be with that person and be silent with them for an hour, but know that as soon as you open your mouth, their head’s going to be looking at you.

"If they're going to support you for whatever reason, then just go with that person. If you can find somebody that is always there for you, you can’t go wrong.”

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