I tried Balloon Jeans and now they're my most loved wardrobe staple

Orion Try the Trend: Balloon jeans
Orion Try the Trend: Balloon jeans

Every fashion fanatic knows the hardest à la mode quest of all is finding a pair of perfect jeans. Often you end up compromising comfort for cut and style or vice versa, ultimately resulting in a flurry of denim resentment, thus being thrown to the bottom of the everyday trouser pile.

Luckily for those still on the long hunt to find said perfect pair of denim delights, you can take a seat, sit back and relax because I just found the perfect silhouette that is both super on trend right now and overly comfortable.

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As we all know, different denim silhouettes come in and out of fashion faster than I can tie my shoelaces. One moment skinny jeans are all the rage, the next they’re being burnt on the style stake. The newest, and arguably my favourite jean style to gain a fandom amongst the fashion elite are balloon or barrel jeans.

Mara Lafontan recently donned a pair at Milan Fashion Week
Mara Lafontan recently donned a pair at Milan Fashion Week (Valentina Frugiuele)

What are Balloon/Barrel Jeans?

Baggy enough to be super comfortable but not so much that they look sloppy. Balloon jeans are a style that is slightly fitted at the waist, slim through the hip and nether region, wider throughout the leg then tapered and slightly more fitted at the ankle hem. Think of that latex Sam Smith meme and you’re on the money.

Over the last few months, the style has risen in popularity, spotted on designer catwalks around the world, on city sidewalks donned by those most fashionable and by almost every Copenhagen cool girl on Instagram.

I chose to style a pair for myself, which I nabbed from high street brand River Island, in five different ways to prove just how versatile and chic they really are...

With a Graphic Tee and Metallic Boots

When I can't be bothered to get dressed but have somewhere to go, my go-to ensemble is an oversized graphic tee and a pair of jeans. I love accessorising a simple outfit like this with a chunky necklace and a pair of funky boots like these metallic silver Tabi's.

Our fashion Features Writer Orion  wearing a graphic tee and black baloon jeans
T-shirt -thrifted, Necklace - Bimba y Lola, Boots - Maison Margiela.
Our fashion Features Writer Orion wearing a white collar shirt and black baloon jeans
Blouse- H&M, Ballet flats- Zara via Vinted

With a Collared Shirt and Ballet Flats

Leaning into the Copencore aesthetic, you can never go wrong with a collared button-up shirt and a pair of ballet flats. Overly comfortable and utterly chic, I wore this exact outfit to a Sunday brunch and received multiple compliments.

Under a Sheer Dress

If you know me then you'll know I love to layer. One of my favourite ways to layer is by adding a sheer dress. You get all the comfort of wearing your favourite jeans to an elevated event, without feeling underdressed, it's a win-win.

Our fashion Features Writer Orion wearing a sheer dress over black baloon jeans
Sunglasses- thrifted, dress- Simone Rocha x H&M, Boots- thrifted.
Our fashion Features Writer Orion wearing a black crop jacket, orange bag, boots and black baloon jeans
Jacket- Alexander Wang, sunglasses- thrifted, boots- Dr Martens, Bag- Jacquemus.

With Chunky Boots and a Pop of Colour

If you're a fan of a monochrome outfit then pairing your balloon jeans with a matching coloured jacket and a pair of chunky boots is a no-brainer for achieving effortless style. I love the look of the slightly cropped hem with platform boots like these Dr Martens.

With a Fun Top and Sneakers

The ultimate outfit is always comfortable and nothing gets more comfortable than jeans and a cute top. This ensemble recipe is tried and tested by some of the world's most stylish a-listers and I can confirm that it lives up to the hype. I love wearing sneakers so any time I can get away with donning them at a semi-formal event I always take it.

Our fashion Features Writer Orion  wearing a graphic feather fringed top, green sneakers  and black baloon jeans
Top- Daria y Maria, shoes- Adidas

The Verdict

Comfortable, easy to style and versatile. If you're on the hunt for the perfect jean silhouette I highly suggest you give the balloon/barrel style a go for yourself.