Travis Kelce Is Giving Wedding Advice Now (And Swifties Aren't Impressed)

baltimore, maryland january 28 travis kelce 87 of the kansas city chiefs celebrates with taylor swift after a 17 10 victory against the baltimore ravens in the afc championship game at mt bank stadium on january 28, 2024 in baltimore, maryland photo by patrick smithgetty images
Travis Kelce Is Giving Wedding Advice Now Patrick Smith

His girlfriend, pop star supremo Taylor Swift, may have touched down in London ahead of her sold-out Wembley Stadium shows later this week but across the pond her boyfriend is making headlines for other reasons entirely.

Appearing on his podcast New Heights this week, Swift's 'Lover', Travis Kelce, stressed to his soon-to-be-married producer, Jake Chatzky, that friends' opinions of your wedding 'don't matter'. Needless to say, the nonchalant remark has put the cat among the figurative Swiftie pigeons.


'You don’t matter, Jake, I just want to let you know,' Kelce joked on the show in a clip shared to X. 'You don’t matter and none of your decisions should be made by you.'

Kelce's co-host, his brother Jason, made the case that Jake should 'have opinions on some of it,' while Mr. Swift argued that they should be 'reassuring opinions' only, adding, 'just keep asking her what she wants.'

travis kelce and taylor swift
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Users were quick to comment on Kelce's opinions, given his status as somebody who's never been married before. One X user wrote, 'Travis sounds like a man who is experiencing a wedding being planned,' while another deemed it 'interesting' that the NFL player 'has a lot of advice to give.'

new york, new york october 15 travis kelce and taylor swift arrive at snl afterparty on october 15, 2023 in new york city photo by gothamgc images
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While rumours have been circulating for a while that an engagement is imminent for Swift and Kelce, who have been dating since July 2023, in another recent episode of New Heights, Jason urged his brother to stop giving 'conspiracy theorists' tidbits of information pertaining to his relationship with the 'Cruel Summer' star to latch onto.

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