The top dog names of 2020

The top dog names have been revealed. [Photo: Getty]
The top dog names have been revealed. [Photo: Getty]

Picking a name for our furry best friend is no easy feat.

You’ll be calling that name in the park for the rest of their lives, but you still want something that showcases who you are as a person, or who they are as a dog.

It’s a big decision.

After all, you don’t want to end up shouting Princess Consuela Banana Hammock across a field full of people, even if it seems like a good idea at the time.

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If you’re trying to name your pet, new data has revealed the biggest trends in dog names for 2020, and pop culture is having a massive influence on our choices.

The figures have been released from Tasty Bone, a dog chew brand. It found that 1 in 5 dogs were named after film characters this year.

It has been a massive year for comic book fans. Unsurprisingly, this influence has rubbed off on our name choices with Marvel and DC characters being favoured, particularly Jarvis and Loki.

The last Avengers instalment did phenomenally, breaking Box Office records. This, plus the announcement of a new TV show with Loki as the main character, will likely boost this name’s popularity in 2020.

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The Rise Of Skywalker is coming out in December, too. Luke is also a popular dog name after the last Star Wars film, so this is bound to push its popularity.

Disney-inspired names are ever popular in both baby and dog baby names with both Coco and Elsa making the top 10 list.

Still not sure what to call your four-legged friend? Here’s the top 10 breakdown:

  1. Charlie

  2. Loki

  3. Harley

  4. Elsa

  5. Bella

  6. Luke

  7. Simba

  8. Lady

  9. Millie

  10. Maggie

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