Tiki bars, mini pool floats and 7 other brilliant hot weather buys

summer buys
Summer plans: Stay in the garden [Photo: Amazon/Urban Outfitters]

The British sun may never last long but, by Jove, we Brits know how to make the most of it.

No drink shall go un-iced, no bit of skin covered (well, within reason) until the sun disappears once again.

To top this off, a few particular purchases will make it all that much better whether you’re hosting a party or just want to hang out in your garden in style.

Tiki bar, £500, John Lewis

John Lewis tiki bar
Make every day feel like a holiday [Photo: John Lewis]

It may put you a little out of pocket, but it’s imagine having your very own tiki bar.

No one will remember anyone else’s summer party if you add this to your setup.

The perfect spot to make piña coladas at.

Family lounge pool, £30, Asda

Who needs a hot tub when you can have a very reasonably-priced paddling pool in the same arrangement?

Our only concern is that once we get into this, we’ll never want to get out.

Avocado pool float, £35, Urban Outfitters

Avocado pool float
So very on trend [Photo: Urban Outfitters]

You could say that 2017 has been the year of the avocado but, in our humble opinion, every year is the year of the avocado.

So celebrate it every summer with your very own avocado pool float.

Doughnut drinks pool floats, £14.99 for set of three, Amazon

Drinks pool float
It’ll make all the other drinks jealous [Photo: Amazon]

If you’re going to drift around on a food-themed float, then your drinks deserve to too.

Just be sure that yours doesn’t float away.

Margarator slush machine, £99.99, Amazon

Nothing beats a margarita in the heat [Photo: Amazon]

A perfect ice margarita at the touch of a button – you won’t want to drink anything else for the summer.

Apart from those piña coladas, of course.

Vintage drinks dispenser, £30, John Lewis

kilner drinks dispenser
What were you going to use, a jug? [Photo: John Lewis]

Don’t let bars have all the class; keep chilled water looking cool in your kitchen.

And if you want to go one step further, stick some cucumber and mint in there.

USB beverage cooler, £16.90, Amazon

USB cooler
We never knew how badly we needed this [Photo: Amazon]

Us Brits find something thrilling about it being hot enough for ice to melt in our drinks within minutes.

Until we’re stuck with lukewarm drinks, that is.

Thanks to this little gadget, you can stay cool as you browse ASOS for bikinis.

Watermelon keg tapping kit, £21.71, Amazon

Keg fruit dispenser
Bringing watermelon coolers to a whole new level [Photo: Amazon]

In case you can’t quite figure out what this is, this little tool lets you make a piece of fruit into a keg dispenser.

Sure, you could serve drinks out of a regular keg, but wouldn’t it be much cooler dispensing them from a watermelon?

Zoku round ice pop molds, £14.21, Amazon

pop moulds
Fancy trying to make G&T lollies? [Photo: Amazon]

A much-needed modern twist on your ice pop mold, and these ones are most certainly suitable for grown ups.

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