The stringy bits on bananas are probably rather nutritious

Banana peeled
Gross gross gross [Photo: Pexels]

There’s something really gross about the stringy bits on bananas, especially if you take a bite without realising you didn’t peel all of it off.

But far from avoiding the stuff, we should be eating it, as experts reckon it’s the most nutritious bit.

Officially called ‘phloem bundles’ (which makes it sound even more appetising),the little stringy bits are practically a banana’s lifeline. These bundles transport food and water throughout the banana plant, providing it with the right water, nutrients and food to grow.

It’s the only bad thing about bananas [Photo: Pexels]

Nicholas D. Gillitt, the vice president of nutrition research and director at the Dole Nutrition Institute, told Huffington Post that there probably is a nutritional difference between the stringy bits and rest of the banana:

“Although we have not specifically tested phloem bundles, it is likely that there would be a difference in its nutritional value,” hr said.

“Since they are intended to do a specific job, and as such likely have a defined structure which supports that job, they would be expected to have a different compound profile to the regular edible banana flesh.

“They likely contain more and varied types of fiber and structural components required for their function.

Bananas are a magically cheap, healthy fruit [Photo: Pexels]

“Because of this, they probably would have a different nutritional profile for humans.”

But since they’re on the banana in such small amounts, you probably don’t have to bother eating them along with the rest of the fruit.

“Unless you eat a large amount of them individually,” he added, “they would not be expected to impact the overall nutrition profile of a banana”.

Thank goodness we can spare ourselves from such torture.

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