This Mum’s Response To The Playboy Model Body-Shaming Incident Is All Kinds Of Empowering

A woman has written the best response to the Playboy model body-shaming incident [Photo: Giphy]

Unless you’ve been on an enforced digital detox, you can’t fail to have noticed the recent firestorm concerning Playboy model Dani Mathers secretly snapping then posting a nude photo of a woman in her gym changing room on Snapchat.

“If I can’t unsee this, you can’t either,” she captioned the shot before being hit with an onslaught of online comments from people accusing her of body-shaming and bullying.

The backlash was so furious that the Los Angeles Police department has launched an official investigation into the incident, while the Playboy model’s membership at the L.A. Fitness has been permanently revoked, she’s lost her job and she has had to delete both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Dani has since apologised for the incident in a video, but it seems its not enough. People still aren’t over it. And they still want to have their say on the whole upsetting saga.

One such woman is mum-of-two, Christine Blackmon, who took to Facebook to post an open letter to Dani Mathers complete with nude picture of herself which is quickly going viral.


Christine’s post is quickly going viral [Photo: Facebook/Delicate Flower]

Sharing a censored nude photo of herself, Christine, known as Delicate Flower on Facebook explained in the accompanying status that her husband took the picture of her about a month ago and she initially wanted him to delete it. “I hated it, all I saw was lumps and bumps,” she wrote.

“He simply smiled and softly said ‘I think it’s beautiful.’ So I let him keep it.” The mum goes on to say that after Dani’s body-shaming post, she started to see the photo differently.

“Not all of us work out to be ‘hot,’ some of us work out simply to honor the bodies we were given,” she continued. “That’s all that woman was trying to do and you violated her. Shame on you.”

Christine finished her post by saying she hopes that other women will join her in being proud of their bodies, encouraging them to share their own selfies.

"I bet I could get 100s of women to post their beautiful bodies and regardless of size, shape or color, they will ALL be more beautiful than the ugliness you showed in that post,” she wrote.

She rounded off the rant by introducing Dani to her “5'10", 194lb lumpy, bumpy glory” in the nearly-nude photo, adding the hashtags #UnSeeTHIS and #AllBodiesAreBeautiful


Dani Mathers’ Snapchat image that kicked off the whole furore [Photo: Snapchat]

The post has since been liked more than 49K times and received over 2.2K comments from people touched by the empowering message.

“Body positivity is best! It took me forever to be comfortable in my own skin. A playboy model can’t take that away from me ever,” wrote one woman.

“This is hands down the most INSPIRING thread I have seen in forever,” added another.

Many women were also inspired to share pictures of themselves in swimsuits or bikinis to show that they loved their body no matter its size or shape and thanking Christine for encouraging the body-love.

Expressing how surprised she has been about the response to her post, Christine took to Facebook once again to thank people for their encouragement.

“I’m so very grateful to all of you. The next time I’m feeling not so pretty, I won’t have far to go for a reminder of what true beauty is,” she wrote.

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