This portable pizza carrier means you can always carry an extra slice with you

[Photo: Stupidiotic]

In the last few years we’ve been treated to some truly genius inventions, from the selfie stick to Tinder and most recently, the iPhone 7’s wireless headphones (mind blown).

However, none of these quite compare to our joy at discovering that a Portable Pizza Pouch is here to solve all of your hunger needs.

The practical creation retailing at a very reasonable $8 (£6.54) has been created by Stupidiotic and comprises of a plastic slice shaped holder attached to a lanyard. Perfect for carting around that extra slice you were saving.


[Photo: Stupidiotic]

Because really, should we ever be without pizza? Just think of all the hangry episodes we can now avoid.

The product claims to not only keep your pizza fresh but also will “instantly make you more popular and attractive” because we all know pizza is everyone’s best friend.


[Photo: Giphy]

Also, carrying the beloved slice around your neck, ensure’s it doesn’t get taken by a sneaky family member or work colleague. Yep, this invention really has got a pizza our heart.

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