Why Your Daily Sandwich Could Be Derailing Your Diet


A sandwich away keeps the diet at bay! [Photo: jaymantri.com via Pexels]

If you’re grabbing lunch on the hop, or having an in-office bite at your desk, chances are you’ll turn to the humble sandwich. It’s quick, easy and there’s practically a Pret on every corner. What’s not to love? But according to a new study the classic sarnie could actually be having a negative impact on your daily diet.

The research published in Public Health and reported by Delish revealed that people who eat sandwiches are consuming around 100 calories more than normal.

No great shock considering we’re constantly being warned that bread is not a dieter’s best friend. But the study, conducted by researchers at University of Illinois, also found that munching a sandwich ups your daily sodium and fat levels too. And that actually it’s not really the bread that’s to blame, but the fact that the majority of sandwiches contain meat, which are higher in calories, fat and sodium.


Should the BLT be off the menu? [Photo: jaymantri.com via Pexels]

Live Science also reports that being a regular sandwich consumer tends to mean you’re eating less in the way of veg. Unless you count some soggy lettuce, of course. Oh and eating sandwiches is also associated with an increased sugar intake.

So is there any good news about our go-to snack? Should we actually be condemning sandwiches to food room 101 forever more?

Well according to researchers it all comes down to what’s in the sandwiches themselves, so it’s worth taking a proper look at the nutritional label and sticking to sarnies that contain more veg and less meat. “Consumers should prudently evaluate the calorie/nutrient content of a sandwich in order to make healthier dietary choices,” explained a co-author of the study.

So long BLT, it’s been nice knowing you!

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