This hygiene question has the internet divided

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Who knew such a simple question to encourage thousands of responses. [Photo: Getty]
Who knew such a simple question to encourage thousands of responses. [Photo: Getty]

We all know that Twitter is the place to go for a debate.

This one conundrum, though, has got thousands of people scratching their heads.

Twitter user, Connor Arpwel, created a poll asking a fairly simple (on the surface) question.

Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?

The question quickly went viral, amassing over half a million votes in one day.

It seems like there’s a fairly obvious answer - how does one go about not washing their legs in the shower?

But, 20 per cent of people have confessed that, in fact, they skip their legs altogether during shower time.

The surprising stat has led to thousands of bewildered comments circulating online.

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One user wrote: “I just found out my husband doesn’t wash his legs in the shower we gotta divorce now...”

Another agreed: “Once you're IN the shower... why would u skip your legs??? If you wash your car, and skip the doors... did you really wash it?!”

Conor Arpwel created such a stir he decided to release a light-hearted “official statement” on the matter.

“My name is Conor Arpwel and I am a leg washer.” He began.

“Leg washing is an important component of my cleanliness regimen, but also I’m not out to get people who don’t wash their legs for various reasons.”

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Not everybody believed there was a need to wash your legs in the shower, though. After all, the soap runs down your body.

One user said: “I feel like you don’t really need to wash your legs, you wash your top 3/4 and the soap and water runs down. Unless you’re just extraordinarily dirty for some reason.”

The debate didn’t end there, though, after one user made another - equally important - observation.

He said: “After we get over the hurdle of washing our legs, i would like to call to everyone's attention the need to also wash one's feet.”

We look forward to the Twitter poll 2.0.

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