It's official: British people vote for showers over baths

The public have spoken. British people prefer showers over baths. [Photo: Getty]
The public have spoken. British people prefer showers over baths. [Photo: Getty]

It has been an ongoing debate amongst friendship groups up and down the country. There’s always that one friend who opts for the two minute shower sprint while the other is more of a bath (marathon) runner.

The votes are in and according to Victorian Plumbing 57% of British people prefer showering over bathing (32%). 11% of us simply couldn’t make a decision between the two. We get it, it’s not easy, they’re both so good.

Three quarters of the people who preferred showering over bathing said that they felt that way because of the speed of a shower. Many of them just couldn’t fit the time it takes to wait for a bath into their schedules.

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There’s nothing better than a power shower to get you motivated first thing in the morning. 32% of people agree that it ‘got them going’ and helped them kickstart their day. Research has also found that having a cold shower further boosts productivity, but it’s not for the faint hearted.

The poll of over 2000 adults found that people showered 20 times a month vs. eight baths in the same time period.

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Still, with 32% of people choosing baths over showers, a large portion of the UK likes a nice soak. 70% of those people said that it helped them to switch off and half of them said it gave them some peace and quiet.

With the average bath time being half an hour, there’s certainly a lot of opportunity for peace and quiet.

The poll suggests that people who shower prefer speed and productivity and people who bath would rather relax and rejuvenate. As for the remaining 11% of us; I like to imagine they do some sort of unconventional mixture of the two.

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